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Smarcomms Review

Mark from Launchpad

November 13, 2023

Mark from Launchpad
Founder of Launchpad

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Mark on using Smarcomms: “Great case study.”


“LaunchPad Counseling is a psychotherapy practice that started in 2014, as a solo practice headed by myself, Mark Loewen, LPC (licensed professional counselor).”

Social Media Content

Tell us about your brand! When did you launch, where are you headquartered, what moved you to start your business?

“I had worked as a psychotherapist for government and non-profit entities and longed to have the freedom and independence that private practice could give me, as well as focus on the clinical needs of my clients instead of paperwork and bureaucracy. After the first year, I added an another therapist to work with my client waitlist, and so the practice continued to grow for 10 years, to having 12 therapists now. We are located in Richmond, VA. But after 2020, the practiced expanded to online counseling services and now provides online therapy across the state for Virginia.”

What are some of your other favorite services/apps/tools for managing your social media presence?

Social media has been my weakness, so I haven’t used many. But just started working with Smarcomms and feeling very happy about the initial results.

What other methods/strategies did you try in order to address those issues prior to using Smarcomms?

“We tried managing social media in-house, using canva for creating posts. but the posts still looked somewhat amateurish.”

How did you learn about Smarcomms?

“I googled a social media service. “

How long have you been using Smarcomms?

“Only for one month, and just approved posts for 3 weeks.”

What prompted you to move forward with Smarcomms?

“The free trial. I had nothing to loose by just communicating what I needed and talking a bit back and forth about what I liked and what I didn’t like about the initial posts. Then the next few batches became much easier as the messaging remained consistent.”

Have you tried any of our competitors? If so, why did you choose Smarcomms instead?

“I didn’t try another service. This was my first one, but it also seemed to be the more affordable one for good quality work.”

How are you benefitting from using Smarcomms? i.e. 10 hours saved per week, 15 new enquiries from social media etc.

“Since we haven’t used many of the approved posts yet, at the time we can only see the benefit of about 8-12 hours saved per week. In the coming weeks, we might notice the change online, in our social media strategy.”

Anything else you’re proud to share?

“We are at the beginning of our relationship with Smarcomms, and our Instagram account is new, so I believe we could be a great case study.”

Do you have any changes you’d like to see made with Smarcomms? Any ideas for the team?

“In the section to approve the posts, it would help if the caption could be more easily adjusted. For example a text window just for the caption, then I could copy the original on there and make my changes. Otherwise, I now have to clarify what needs to change in the caption, or in the picture, all in one box and sometimes the feedback gets lost if I suggest more than one thing. “

Do you have any advice for other Smarcomms users?

“To stick with it at first, even if it seems that the initial graphics aren’t exactly as expected. Just provide feedback and keep sending it back because once they get it right, they will keep getting it right and save you a lot of time.”

What is one thing you want customers to take away from your business? What are you truly selling?

“A space that is safe and comfortable where people feel valued for who they are, and where they can express themselves authentically, without judgement, with the goal of healing their emotional lives.”

Thanks to Launchpad for sharing their experience with Smarcomms. If you’re looking for counseling, then check them out.

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150+ 5 star reviews

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