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Steps to join

01. Sign up Free

Sign-up is quick and painless, with automatic approvals.

03. Get paid with no limits

Refers as many peoples as you like with no limits and get 15% of the monthly revenue for LIFETIME of their subscriptions!💰

02. Share Your Link

Tell your Friends, colleagues or even make a Youtube video - the possibilites are endless.

04. Track Analytics in Your Dashboard

Log in to your dashboard and get detailed analytics on clicks, comissions, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the done for you ad setup service?

Our done for you ads setup service is a service where we setup a lead generation campaign for you in Facebook that will generate highly targeted leads for your business. It is not a coaching service or a consultation package.

Which platform would we be advertising on?

Facebook and/or Instagram.


How is the done for you ad setup service different from others?

The absolute minimum fee you can expect from other agencies for the exact same service we are offering today is $2,000 or 10% of ad spend (whichever is great). This is a minimum industry standard. We are going above and beyond to provide our customers with an affordable way to get high quality leads for their business.


How do I get started?

To get started, simply click the sign up button on this page, you will be charged immediately and then taken into your client portal area to complete the intake form. A reminder that this is a limited offer and will not be available again if you decide to leave this page without signing up.

How long does the ad setup process take?

Within 7 working days of you completing the intake form, we will have your ads ready for review. Please submit the intake form immediately after signing up to avoid delays.

Will I have control over my ad campaigns and spend?

Yes, with this service you retain full control over your ad campaigns. We will make suggestions on budgets, but it is completely your choice regarding how much you spend.

I’ve never ran Facebook ads before, will this work for me too?

Yes! Our service is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and experience levels with advertising.

Do you provide ongoing support after the initial setup?

This is a 1 month ad setup service. From the date that you sign up, we will be available to assist you with your ads for 1 month in total.

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