Social Media Marketing Fully Managed From Just £99 Per month

Our service helps you grow your social media pages with professionally designed content. Get real social media followers that match your target audience.

Real growth, real people.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Trusted by 2000+ businesses and organisations of all sizes


Don’t waste your money on other services that only offer curated content and fake followers that are generated with unethical bots. These bots are against every social media networks terms of service, and you will get shut down!

With our proven marketing strategies, your business will see a real, authentic, and gradual increase in followers that match your target audience.

Real Followers

Don’t waste your money on fake followers! Our proven marketing strategies generate real followers that match your target audience.

Quality Content

Our competitors only offer curated posts, but we design professional graphics that will increase your credibility on social media.

Unbeatable Value

You won’t find a better price for the quality of service we are offering. We use our proven process at scale for our clients.


81% of people in the UK have at least one social media account – with our service you can target any person in any industry. Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a multi-national organisation, our service will help you attract targeted followers with professionally designed content.

Professional team of graphic designers and content writers

No fake followers or bots – we drive organic growth

Ongoing promotion of your company’s products and services

Unique content created specifically for your business

Facebook advertising and growth booster add ons available

First class customer service via email and phone

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!


Step 1

On-boarding Phase

Once you have chosen your package and signed up online – you will immediately land into your new Client Portal with our On-boarding instructions.

All you need to do is connect your social media pages and answer our Business Profiler Questionnaire.

If you don’t have any social media pages setup, then we can create these for you at no extra charge.

Step 2

Research Phase

Every client is unique and that’s why we spend up to 7 days researching your business and industry.

We analyse the leading competitors in your industry to find out what social media strategy will be effective.

Once we have this data, we will be in a stronger position to create your social media content.


Step 3

Content Creation Phase

After that we will enter into the Content Creation Phase in which we will create your first week of social media posts. You will be sent a preview before they go live.

If you choose to add a Facebook advertising budget to your package, this will start 7 – 10 days after your first social media posts go out.

Step 4

Monthly Analytics

You need to understand the ROI of our services, and that’s why we send you detailed monthly analytics.

These analytics will show you exactly how many people we have reached, how many followers / likes we have generated, and much more.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!


“From the first phone call, Smarcomms has been brilliant, the team understand fully what we are looking for and the team clearly took the time to look and understand our industry.

Communication is great and the whole process with Smarcomms is so easy and stress-free. Well done Smarcomms team keep up the great work”

Kelly Moore | NTP Services

“Since bringing Smarcomms in we have received multiple new clients and candidates plus a local influencer even reposted our photo.

Their work has also helped massively with our brand recognition as more and more people are knowing about HM Staffing.”

Harry Portch | HM Staffing

“Here at Professional Player Magazine we are extremely busy, we don’t have time for social media but we know we need it.

Smarcomms were great, they just got on with it and didn’t bother us all the time, but whenever we needed something done urgently they were always available.”

Gina Wade-Taylor | Pro Player Mag

“Smarcomms has helped increase my Social Media following Ten-Fold! A really cool and easy setup process which gave me great insight right away.

They go the extra mile with personalised ad’s which fit your target audience perfectly.”

Tyler Pickford | Go Cars Luton

“Smarcomms has been very helpful when it comes to social media.

The process was very straight forward and I can highly recommend using their service.”

Carl Östlund | Brannjarn

“Excellent customer service. Clearly very professional team. They do add a great deal of value to our business.

Very creative and responsive! They answer queries super fast. Overall, I am very impressed. thank you Smarcomms!”

Angela Bediako | Home.Care

“Great team who take instruction well. First post were not quite right but after a few emails they got what we wanted spot on. 

Our FB and Twitter following has gone up nicely too.”

Lee Maloney | GWEC

“Strong social media support and strategy advice, unique engaging content, dedicated assistance. Overall rating of services: excellent! Thank you!”

Katerina  | Liptales

“Smarcomms helped me out a lot to grow my social media following, we went from having 2000 followers to surpassing 10,000 followers really fast. I highly recommend their services, amazing work.”

Rodrigo Flamenco | Frame Freak Studio

The Numbers That Matter:

Posts Shared

Real Followers Generated

Happy Clients


Get content posted to your Social Media Pages from just £99 per month. All of the content we post is created specifically for your business. In addition, if you are looking to rapidly grow your pages, you can add-on a Facebook Advertising budget and our Follower Growth service at the checkout.

Grow your social media pages ? Posting to social media is a great start, but to see real growth we recommend adding on Facebook advertising and our Growth Booster service at the checkout.

Find out more about these in the FAQ section below ?

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How do I get started?

Once you have signed up online, you will immediately land on a webpage with our Onboarding Instructions.

Once complete, we will be in touch within 24 hours to move your account into the Research Phase.

Once we have researched your business and industry in-depth, we will enter into the Content Creation Phase in which we will create your first week of social media posts.

When our proofreaders have finished doing their thing, we will email you with a preview of your first week of posts.

You can then either ask for revisions or simply approve the posts.


What kind of content will you post?

This completely depends on your business and industry, but here are some examples of what we will post:

Custom banners and graphics

Promotional posts related to your products or services

Popular industry news and articles


Quotes and motivation

Tips and tricks

National awareness days

Seasonal posts

Images and videos

Blog posts

How does Facebook advertising help to grow my business?

 Facebook has a unique algorithm that favours paid content, so for us to grow your audience on this platform we need a small advertising budget.

The good news is that this can be as little as £50/$50 per month, but the more you invest the more targeted potential customers we can help you to reach.

What is your 'Growth Booster' service?

We have a growth team that will manually log in to your Instagram and Twitter accounts every working day, to follow and like relevant profiles/content, helping to increase your targeted reach and followers.

P.S. No bots here, we use real people to grow your accounts, the right way.

Can I still post to my social media pages?

Yes of course! You are free to post as much as you like. After all, they are your social media pages.

How long will it take before you start?

Once you sign up, it will usually take between 4-7 days before your first week of social media posts will be ready for review. 

Do I need to sign a contract?

No, we don’t ask you to commit to any contracts.

If you decide that you don’t want to continue with our services then you can cancel straight away and never make another payment.

How much time and effort do you need from me?

We are here to save you time and effort, so once you have completed the onboarding instructions then there is nothing else we need from you apart from images and any information about promotions, events, offers etc.

How many followers will you get my business per month?

A common misconception is that it is all about the number of followers, but it’s not at all. Most agencies will use follower bots that generate thousands of followers per month – but these are almost all fake accounts. We focus on targeting people that will really be interested in your business.

The amount of targeted followers you can expect depends on your industry, the package you choose, and the quality of your content – but to give you an example: a recent women’s clothing brand that subscribed to our services (including Facebook Advertising and our Follower Growth Service) saw 574 new Facebook page likes, 354 new Instagram followers, and 298 new Twitter followers in their first month.


I still have questions...

We can help! Please ask your question in the chatbox to the right and a member of our team will reply within minutes… Go ahead, try it out! Or send an email to 


Chat with our team about the details 

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