Expert social media management from just £99 per month.

Expert Social Media Management From Just $99 Per Month.

We’ll create stunning social media content and generate real organic growth so that you can focus on your business.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Want to see some of the posts we’ve created? Check out our example work.

The most trusted social media management service for small businesses

In 2021 we’ve helped 458 businesses reach 6,479,133 potential customers on social media

We manage your social media marketing from start to finish so you can focus on your business – saving time and money

Finding time to create high quality social media posts on a daily basis is almost impossible when there are so many other things in your business that need your attention. That’s where we come in, our experts not only create stunning posts but also help you to grow rapidly and reach new customers. 

Fresh social media content, done for you, in just a few clicks

We understand that when it comes to growing your social media presence, it can be hard to know where to start. Just finding the time and understanding of how to make it happen can be a struggle.

Smarcomms offers fully managed social media marketing to help business owners like you to establish and grow a strong presence on social media, so that you can reach more potential customers and save time every day.

With our proven marketing strategies, your business will see a real, authentic, and gradual increase in followers that match your target audience.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!


Quality Content and Real Growth fully managed for one Low Monthly Fee

Get unique content posted to your Social Media Pages for one low monthly fee. All of the content we post is created specifically for your business. In addition, if you are looking to rapidly grow your pages, you can add-on a Facebook Advertising budget and our Follower Growth service at the checkout.

Professionally designed and written content to interest and engage your target audience.

No fake followers or bots – we only attract real followers interested in your business

Industry-relevant hashtags to boost your brand awareness

Unique content created specifically for your business

Facebook advertising and growth boosters to rapidly increase your followers and likes

First-class customer service via email and phone whenever you need it

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

How it works

Whether you’re just starting out or running a successful small business, we have a range of solutions to suit everyone. Getting started is easy, too, just sign up online and you’ll be fully setup within 24 hours.

Step 1 – Sign up online via secure checkout

Choose your package and sign up online to get started. Once you complete the secure checkout you will land into your dashboard with clear instructions on how to get started.

Step 2 – Provide more information

Then, you will provide information about your business, industry, target audience and what kind of social media posts you are looking for. You will also connect your social media pages in just a few clicks.

Step 3- Review and approve posts weekly

We spend the next 4 – 7 days researching your business and industry to make sure we are creating relevant and effective content for you. Once we have created your first week of social media posts, we will send you an email reminding you to login and review them before they go live.

Step 4- Launch Growth Boosters and Facebook advertising

Once you have approved the posts, we will launch your Growth Boosters and Facebook advertising budget to rapidly grow your social media presence and help you reach new customers. You will have access to analytics 24/7 to monitor your growth.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions (?)

How do I get started?

Once you have signed up online, you will immediately land into your dashboard with our Onboarding Instructions.

Next, we will be in touch within 24 hours to set up an introductory call if you would like one.

Once we have researched your business and industry in-depth, we will create your first week of social media posts.

Then, once our proofreaders have finished doing their thing, we will email you with a preview of your first week of posts.

You can then either ask for revisions or simply approve the posts.


What kind of content will you post?

This completely depends on your business and industry, but here are some examples of what we will post:

Custom banners and graphics

Promotional posts related to your products or services

Popular industry news and articles


Quotes and motivation

Tips and tricks

National awareness days

Seasonal posts

Images and videos

Blog posts

How does Facebook advertising help to grow my business?

Facebook has a unique algorithm that favours paid content, so for us to grow your audience on this platform we need a small advertising budget.

The good news is that this can be as little as £50/$50 per month, but the more you invest the more targeted potential customers we can help you to reach.

What is your 'Growth Booster' service?

We have a growth team that will manually log in to your Instagram and Twitter accounts every working day, to follow and like relevant profiles/content, helping to increase your targeted reach and followers.

P.S. No bots here, we use real people to grow your accounts, the right way.

Can I still post to my social media pages?

Yes of course! You are free to post as much as you like. After all, they are your social media pages.

How long will it take before you start?

Once you sign up, it will usually take between 4-7 days before your first week of social media posts will be ready for review.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No, we don’t ask you to commit to any contracts.

If you decide that you don’t want to continue with our services then you can cancel straight away and never make another payment.

How much time and effort do you need from me?

We are here to save you time and effort, so once you have completed the onboarding instructions then there is nothing else we need from you apart from images and any information about promotions, events, offers etc.

How many followers will you get my business per month?

A common misconception is that it is all about the number of followers, but it’s not at all. Most agencies will use follower bots that generate thousands of followers per month – but these are almost all fake accounts. We focus on targeting people that will really be interested in your business.

The amount of targeted followers you can expect depends on your industry, the package you choose, and the quality of your content – but to give you an example: a recent women’s clothing brand that subscribed to our services (including Facebook Advertising and our Follower Growth Service) saw 574 new Facebook page likes, 354 new Instagram followers, and 298 new Twitter followers in their first month.


I still have questions...

We can help! Please ask your question in the chatbox to the right and a member of our team will reply within minutes… Go ahead, try it out! Or send an email to

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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Smarcomms is a specialist social media marketing agency. We provide social media management and content marketing services for our clients.


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