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The white label social media management provider for agencies.

Resell our social media management services under your own business name using our simple white label program.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Check out a live preview from CloudCampaign – our social tech provider.

The Smarcomms reseller program

We will work in the background and do all of the heavy lifting, while you simply take care of all client communications.


Smarcomms partners with many SEO, Web Design, Marketing and IT companies by offering a simple, affordable and effective White Label solution. If you have clients who need help on social media then you can offer our packages to them and charge whatever you like! That’s right, you can take a huge markup while we do all the work!


Your client will never know it’s us working on their social media pages. We talk only with you, whilst you deal with all client communications and daily management.

Here’s how it works

We partner with CloudCampaign, a social media management software, to provide you with a fully white labelled way to offer your clients our social media management services under your own brand and charge them a markup.

Sign up to Cloud Campaign here using this link which will connect your account to Smarcomms and add our team to your account. If you sign up without using this link, your account will not be connected with Smarcomms.

Create your free Smarcomms Client Portal account and then place an order for your own client(s) e.g. Basic, Pro, Growth or Premium packages (compare our packages here).

Once you have submitted an order for your client, all you need to do is provide a bit of information about their business and get them to connect their social media pages in your CloudCampaign account.

It takes just 4-7 business days until your clients first week of social media posts will be scheduled by the Smarcomms team in your CloudCampaign account.

Sit back and relax! The only thing you need to handle now is customer service.

Throughout the whole process, you handle all customer service while we handle the delivery of our Award Winning Social Media Management services to your client. Your client will never know that we have been working on their account.

Your account will be linked with Smarcomms so that we can work on your client accounts

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

What is CloudCampaign?

CloudCampaign is our social tech provider. It’s a software we use to schedule social media posts, manage content approvals and display detailed analytics. Your CloudCampaign content panel will include your company name and logo, so your customers will think you’re doing all the work whilst we schedule the posts in the background.

Do I get a discount as a reseller?

As a reseller, you can get up to 50% off our social media packages: Basic, Pro, Growth and Premium packages based on how many customers you sign up. The more customers you sign up, the bigger the discounts on their packages. Send us a live chat message or email to find out the exact discount thresholds.

What do I charge my clients?

You decide how much you want to charge your customers for our services, but most of our resellers add at least a 100% markup to our Basic, Pro, Growth and Premium packages. Simply put, you can charge your customer whatever you want, you still pay us a standard rate.

Who will provide customer service to my customers?

You still handle all customer service. We are only responsible for delivering our services in the background.

How many customers can I sign up?

There are no limits. We have hundreds of clients and experience zero capacity issues. You can onboard as many clients as you like, as fast as you like.

I need other services as well?

It makes sense to keep all of your customers marketing efforts with one reseller agency, and that’s why we also offer Search Engine Optimised blogs, Facebook advertising and Growth Booster services as well.

I still have questions…

No problem, you can schedule a call at a time that suits you to gain more information.

Are there different ways to partner with Smarcomms?

If you prefer a more hands-off approach, you can become an affiliate of Smarcomms instead and simply refer businesses to us. We offer generous commissions for each business that signs up. You can schedule a call to find out more about our Affiliate Program.

Need more information? Schedule a call