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Smarcomms Review

Marie From The Trendy Diva

January 05, 2024

Marie from The Trendy Diva
Founder of The Trendy Diva

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Marie On Using Smarcomms: “Give it a go and earn back your time.”



“We push the boundaries of style and innovation by empowering women with high quality sustainable fashion.”

Social Media Content

Tell us about your brand! When did you launch, where are you headquartered, what moved you to start your business?

“I launched my brand in November of last year. I am an online boutique. I launched my boutique because i have a very uniqie clothing style. I could not consistently find unique clothing pieces to accent my wardrobe. Moreover, i was tired of ordering from online boutiques that advertised high quality but shipped lower quality clothing OR shipped a totally different item that what i ordered.”

What are some of your other favorite services/apps/tools for managing your social media presence?

“I use Facebook, Tiktok and Instagram. I also love Capcut and photoroom for editing pictures and videos.”

What other methods/strategies did you try in order to address those issues prior to using Smarcomms?

“On facebook i turned my page into professional mode then started creating more reels to increase my reach and engagement. I still struggke with proper content to engage my followers on both instagram and facebook. I also tried Wolfgrowth for Instagram and still struggled to reach my target audience.”

How did you learn about Smarcomms?

“From a Facebook Ad.”

How long have you been using Smarcomms?

“About a month”

What prompted you to move forward with Smarcomms?

“I need assistance with creating branding content. I dont have the time or expertise.”

Have you tried any of our competitors? If so, why did you choose Smarcomms instead?

“No i have not.”

How are you benefitting from using Smarcomms? i.e. 10 hours saved per week, 15 new enquiries from social media etc.

“I just started a month ago and due to unforeseen circumstances i had not been able to be consistent. Moving forward im hoping to save at least 10 hrs and increased new enquiries by the millions!”

Anything else you’re proud to share?

“I love how smarcomms is attentive to my preferences. The staff is always willing to Assist and improve any post i have questioned. Also, i love how the staff is quick to respond to my inquiries.”

Do you have any changes you’d like to see made with Smarcomms? Any ideas for the team?

“The dashboard is not user friendly to me. I wish i could upload my pics and videos into the google drive for their use. Im not sure why it’s difficult to use the dashboard from my iPhone or my tablet. Im a on the go type of person and dont carry my laptop frequently. I would love the login process and the dashboard to be more user friendly.”

Do you have any advice for other Smarcomms users?

“Dont start the program until you have your content ready to for use.”

What is one thing you want customers to take away from your business? What are you truly selling?

“I want customers to know i sell high quality clothing for women that dare to be different. My clothing has a unique style that offers great fabric, sexiness, class and sophistication that aligns with appropriate pricing. I offer priority shipping so women are not waiting more than 5-7 business days when shipped in United States.”

Thanks to Marie for sharing their experience with Smarcomms. If you’re looking for fashion then check her out.

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Hire a Social Media Marketing Manager From Just $99 Per Month

We'll create stunning social media content and generate real organic growth so that you can focus on your business.

150+ 5 star reviews

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