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Why you can never start planning your retirement too early

If you are hovering somewhere around mid-career then retirement planning may not be high on your mind. However, with studies showing that just 56% of Americans take advantage of an employer-backed retirement plan, the need for preparation is evident.

With many people being uncertain about how their retirement will look, there is a growing trend of workers who are remaining employed past the age of 65 purely based on financial need. A large number of individuals plan to work as long as possible and are nervous about what the future holds. For those that have no access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan, this means that providing enough wealth to sustain a comfortable retirement can be a challenge.

Questions like ‘How much do I need to save?’ or ‘Will my money last as long as I need?’ must be answered to achieve successful retirement planning. A large portion of the working population has serious concerns about financial stability for themselves and their families in the long term.

Akers Financial is a full service agency that will work to create and structure a well-designed income plan to last for the duration of your retirement. James Akers is a financial expert backed by over 23 years of experience who can help you with long term, sustainable planning. Putting your financial future firmly on track.

We focus on areas like tax-free retirement planning and 401k rollover to build a stress-free and lasting wealth management system for our clients. Our business partnerships with some of the best tax attorneys and leading corporate attorneys in the industry means that we can offer more than most large scale financial firms.

For honest and cost-efficient retirement planning that is tailored to your family’s specific needs contact James Akers today.

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