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Why Video Marketing is Awesome for your Brand

Video marketing has become more than just making fun vidoes to watch, it is a powerful promotional tool. Videos have the power to instantly connect with your audience and give them an experience they’ll remember for a long time.

Video content is ideal for any brand that is looking to connect with its target audience on a more personal level. With video content seeing explosive growth, brands need to add video marketing to their strategy to keep up with competitors.

Video content has been quickly adopted by brands and consumers alike with big name businesses allocating a large portion of their marketing budget to video campaigns. If you haven’t started using video content yet your business is at risk of being left behinds as users gravitate towards platforms like TikTok to consume their video content.

Here are some of the reasons you need to use video content.

Why is Video Marketing so effective?

Videos have the power to instantly connect with your audience and give them an experience they’ll remember for a long time. They’re ideal for any brand that is looking to connect with its target audience and promote fast account growth.

Video content is powerful as it contains the following traits –

Engages your audience

Video is the most effective form of online advertising available. You can quickly drive brand awareness and increase your audience by creating videos that connect with viewers.

Provides a memorable experience

Video is an ideal medium for driving sales and building long-lasting brand engagement. It’s a memory-based medium that allows brands to create a unique experience for their audience by creating visuals that can’t be replicated through text.

Empowers employees

Video provides a way for your brand to connect with your audience, but it can also empower your employees to share their knowledge with your customers. Employees can create engaging videos that can be used to support sales and upsell customers.

Drives engagement

Videos by their nature already have the leading edge when it comes to gaining attention. It has already been proven that graphics with moving animations are more successful than static content, and video is the next stage of the evolution.

Why Should Brands Invest in Video Marketing?

Videos are the most effective form of online advertising available and across most platforms, you can generate and share video content absolutely free. Video is quickly becoming the new way to share information online and large businesses are using video platforms to their full extent.

The number of hours that users spend consuming videos is consistently increasing making it a powerful engagement tool for brands. Recent studies show that video has quickly becomes the most effective form of marketing.

But video is more than just an effective form of promotion. Video provides a unique way to engage directly with your audience, it can driver better user engagement and help you to quickly connect with followers.

Creating the Right Videos for your Brand

There are a number of factors that you will want to consider before choosing which videos to use for your brand. Just as with other social channels, you willl want to make sure that the videos you choose are relevant to your business and align with your brand values.

Considering the type and tone of content you will use for videos is important too, everything you post reflects on your brand. Video hits users and followers a bit differently than text and image content because it’s so highly visual.

To work well, those visuals will need to be appealing and convey the right tone for your brand. Specifically, you’ll want to think about the following when choosing which videos to use for your brand: –


Think about the type of content your audience likes and dislikes when choosing which videos to use for your brand. Each video may appeal to a different type of person, but most people are likely to enjoy videos that are relevant to their interests, which will help you build an audience which is better engaged.


Similarly to text/image content, videos also have a tone that can be conveyed to the viewer so you will want to think about how your videos will be interpreted. Posting content that is inappropriate or offensive will soon lose you followers, even if done accidentally or unintentionally.


Timing for your business and timing for your brand will matter when sharing video content. You may want to promote a new product or feature, or you may want to share a sale or the latest news, all of which can be done with video, but they timing should align.

How to Incorporate Video Marketing into Your Strategy

To drive brand awareness and increase your audience, there are a number of ways you can implement video marketing into your overall strategy. You could create a series of videos that cover a specific topic, create a series of videos that cover various topics, or create a mix of both types of videos.

Whatever type of videos you choose, you may want to make sure that they follow a consistent format to help with brand recognition. Videos could include content about specific topics or make use of graphics and stickers to share a website or content information.

Think about the reason for your video posts, what are you trying to say or share. For consistency, it can be helpful to create a number of different videos which convey the same message. Repetition builds recognition

Videos are a highly versatile form of media, while they can be shared across different social media platforms, they can also be embedded into emails and newsletters or shared on website pages.

How to Create Engaging Videos

Video content is amazing effective, but post are a bit harder to create. Sharing a photo with a bit of text underneath it may have worked for your social channels in the past, but video is a whole other animal.

Video content needs to be created carefully, it is easy to throw up posts which look cheap or unprofessional, but these will not do much to grow your brand. Video content is great, but the downside is that it can be time consuming to make – even more than standard social media posts.

With the amount of work needed to create attractive and engaging video content it can be worth hiring a social media marketing agency to create video posts for you. While this will involve paying a monthly fee, it can be more cost effective and much less frustrating in the long run.

Think about how long it takes you to create 2 or 3 video posts, can you do that consistently every day, or on a weekly basis? Its a lot to keep up with. Outsourcing the work can be a great solution for filling up your video platforms and leaving your time free to do other things.

If you need help with creating engaging video content for your brand, check out our social media content pages and use the toggle switch to view pricing for standard and video posts.

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