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Why use a White-label Reseller Program?

Many agency owners now understand that reselling white-label services is an effective way to manage clients and workload. Having work handled off-site and managed by an external company brings numerous benefits to agencies who are in a start-up, growth, or expansion phase. Joining a reseller program for white-label services effectively removes much of the stress associated with managing business accounts and helps growing agencies focus on the areas needed without losing quality.

Some of the benefits of subscribing to a white-label reseller program are:

Expanded service offerings

Planning and creating social media account content takes time. By removing the need for graphic design and caption writing from the entire process, agencies can deliver work faster and manage higher volumes. With a white label reseller program, agencies not only remove the design process but also get access to services like social media management, account growth, and blog writing which may all be supplied by the white label service. It gives agencies the ability to expand product offerings and provide an all-around service to clients rather than specializing in one area or focusing on a specific industry.

Improve Brand Value

With the ability to resell white label solutions, marketing agencies are able to accept and deliver higher-value projects or manage tasks that have complex requirements. In a competitive marketplace, this can give growing and new agencies an edge that differentiates their service from competitors and improves brand value. With an outsourced white-label service the increased value and effective project management can also mean that customer satisfaction is elevated as high-quality work is delivered and maintained.

Faster Turnaround and Delivery

Reselling white label solutions typically means that agencies can provide enhanced delivery speed as the project workload is managed externally. With the time spent on content creation no longer needed, the growing agencies can focus on managing client communications and transferring the work requirements to the white label provider. This speeds up the efficacy of the entire work process, leading to faster delivery times and more effective management of large projects or those running simultaneously. Customer satisfaction is maintained and benefits from the efficiencies gained in turnaround times.

Less Qualified Employees

Whatever the size of the agency, staff will be required to manage work and keep up with customer demand. Social media experts and designers will be needed, and writers or account managers may be required depending on the type of work that the agency is committed to supplying. As work volumes increase the need for staff rises with it and as employee numbers grow, so too does the task of managing personnel. Large-size projects are essential for company growth and not having the ability to manage volume can preclude agencies from higher ticket work. Therefore the help white label services can reduce the burden and ensure that the work is handled by qualified staff.

Reduce Business Expenses

Small and medium agencies face the challenge of balancing business expenses and staff management against profit and work requirements. Over-commit and work quality and internal processes can deteriorate, often with a negative impact on the end client. Hiring, staff management, training, software, accounting tools, and equipment all cost money. Partnering with a white label company to resell services can remove the need for staff, equipment, and in some cases, even premises. This effectively reduces business expenses and overheads and removes the financial restrictions that can impede growth.

Crisis Management

Your agency will depend on maintaining a good reputation to attract new business and while a white label provider doesn’t usually leap to mind as a crisis management tool, the reality is that it can be effective in times of trouble. Anything that disrupts business from a staff walkout to a natural disaster can prevent work from being delivered and harm your business reputation. But will white label services, your partner company is often in another location, or a different country, meaning that no matter what is happening at the local level, services can continue uninterrupted with work being delivered to your clients as normal.

Streamlined Processes

Internal business processes cycle through different departments and filter through various team members from start to completion. Adjustments, changes, and revisions can all mean a loss of control and hinders progress. Although a company might follow standard procedures, they are difficult to maintain if internal processes become impaired or disrupted, resulting in wasted time and redundant repetition. White label reseller programs are able to bring internal departments together and align them by outsourcing procedures, making processes easier to manage and follow.

Professional operatives

Hiring remote or freelance workers can sometimes provide a temporary solution for agencies that need to manage higher workloads or add specialized services to their portfolios. But sometimes the right talent can be tricky to source, leading to problems. As a solution to these problems, joining a white label program can provide an excellent solution with providers frequently having access to a pool of talent and already using a suite of software products or programs needed to keep up with client needs.

How to Select a White Label Reseller?

Despite the obvious benefits, agencies will still need to do their due diligence before selecting a white label reseller partner. Things like profit expectations and client satisfaction will need to be checked to ensure that business can continue uninterrupted and levels of professionalism are sustained. Signing up to partner with a white-label reseller too quickly can often spell disaster. Misunderstandings, communication issues, and other problems can arise so agencies will need to ensure that their white label provider has clear work processes and communication channels to handle information, checks, and validation.

Price Management

As cost is always a primary consideration the pricing structure of any white label reseller should be carefully checked before committing. Many times the price ceiling can be fixed by white label providers and limits agency profit margins. Some white label companies impose pricing restraints, such as tiered partnerships to impose pricing controls and prevent cut-price advertising. Alternatively, they may operate on different pricing tiers with changing costs and price ceilings to encourage white label partners to sell more and attain better profits. While this may appear fair to balance pricing across partners, it can have the effect of being restrictive to the agency, so terms, conditions, and limits will need to be examined closely.

Tools and services

Finding the right white label partnership can depend heavily on the kind of service offering you wish to supply to clients. Each white label service provider will differ slightly in terms of its range and product line-up. For some agencies, the greater the number of products and services, the bigger the value proposition. For agencies who wish to expand their scope or add on different service options, this can be helpful for business growth. Opportunities and specialized client requests can be capitalized upon easily and the ability to provide expanded service may help in terms of client retention. However, smaller agencies may not require such broad offerings and may be better suited to agencies that focus on one business area.

Customer and Technical Support

Supplying third-party services to clients is an excellent business model, but when things go wrong you will need to make sure that your white label partnet is capable of offering support and backup. As a reseller, you should confirm that any contract or subscription entered into with your chosen white label partner, also include some kind of customer support or helpdesk option. Some companies may include any support needed as part of their package pricing while others may offer limited, or paid service support plans. The level of service you receive may also depend on the payment level or tier which you are paying for so to ensure that your clients are fully supported you may need to determine what kind of customer and software support is included if any. While client-facing conversations and interactions will be handled by the reseller, it is important to know that vital communication or critical information can be received quickly.

Expected Timeframes

Agency work can vary highly in terms of duration and complexity. White label providers can have different delivery frames for work and it may differ depending on the tier, plan, or pricing package selected. Projects may need to be handled that are a high or low priority with fluctuating timeframes for delivery. Client demands will need to be met if your agency is to be successful so make sure your white label partner’s delivery schedule aligns or exceed your client’s expectations.

Work Samples

No matter what kind of work you are supplying to your clients, a white label reseller program should be able to supply samples of work provided. Completed work should be able to demonstrate the capabilities of the white label partner and its staff for things like blogs and articles, account growth, or social media marketing services. If work samples cannot be provided or appear to be of low quality then buyer beware! The work produced will be a direct reflection of your agency and its professionalism so any white label products resold will need to be of good quality.

Customer Reviews

One of the best measures of a white label provider and its effectiveness are reviews from customers past and present. Despite protective procedures like NDA agreements, good white label providers should still have customer reviews and testimonials. It is worth checking review sites, the white label provider’s website, and places like Google My Business to read ratings and reviews from other customers. A high incidence of poor reviews most likely indicates sub-par performance that may not be an appropriate service level for your needs. Good reviews and positive feedback can mean that your chosen white label service provider is aligned well with your business needs.

Final words

There are many white label service companies available to choose from but is important to check things like service offerings, turnaround time, and customer support to verify that they meet the needs of your agency sufficiently. The type of service and support will need to be balanced against quality, cost, and professionalism to assess the kind of value you can expect from your provider.

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