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Why mosaic tile is the better choice

Apart from the choice of color and extraordinary selection of finished available in mosaic tile, there are some other reasons why it may suit your purposes better than standard tile or other types of wall and floor materials.

Resistance to mold and mildew

If using tile for your bathroom finished a whole range of different looks can be achieved with mosaic tile. Patterns can be designed that are bold and dramatic or detailed and intricate. Glass finish tiles are a popular choice for bathrooms and shower stalls and owing to the high gloss, non-porous finish they also help to keep away unsightly mold and mildew.

Easy to clean

The majority of mosaic tiles are easy to clean and not as delicate as some natural stone finishes. This makes them great to use for flooring or for things like kitchen backsplashes and counter surfaces where they may be subjected to cooking grease splashes or food stains.

Range of materials

Mosaic tiles are available in a whole range of materials from glass to metallics, matte to iridescent finished for an almost unlimited choice of style to suit any room. From bold to subtle, geometric patterns to plain, there is something to suit every taste.

Non-slip to shiny

Depending on where you are placing your mosaic tiles you may require a finish that is high shine, light-reflective, or a dull matte non-slip surface. Stone finished are popular in bathrooms and kitchens to provide grip on wet floor areas and reduce the chance of slipping.

Choice of sizes

For a bold dramatic statement, or a soft pattern several tile finishes and materials may be used, but depending on the space you are working with the size of the tile may be a consideration. Mosaic tiles come in many sizes to suit the individual need.