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Why its better to white label than sell your own marketing services

Developing and selling different marketing services can be a lucrative venture when done successfully. But what if you could outsource the work and have it all done for you? With white label services, the pressure is removed from your own business and the work responsibility is placed squarely on the shoulders of an outside agency.

While this may seem too good to be true, the reality is that many companies have made a profitable business by reselling white label services to their clients.

Building your own service offerings from the ground up can often mean a period of testing and painful failures while all the problems are ironed out. With white label services, all of the products and services have already been developed, removing the stress of trying out new services on your clients.

Getting through the learning curve can be trickly and in the case of brand new products, the learning curve and time to launch can be delayed dramatically while problems are corrected. Time, money, and resources can be tied up while issues are fixed and not only is there the cost of development, there is also the matter of lost revenue from services or products not being ready.

All of these pitfalls can be avoided by using a reputable white label service that has most likely already gone through the product development curve, leaving them with a robust, tried and tested set of services that are fully ready to market.

Companies that have made the transition and outsourced their work to a while label agency are often left wondering why they didn’t do it sooner rather than try to re-create a wheel that has already been designed. When put in this context it makes little sense to allocate valuable time and resources to develop a solution that has already been made.

If you have recently thought about outsourcing your marketing agency work to a white label provider then it is also worth considering these points:

Easy to brand

By nature, white label services are easy to brand as your own. Use your logo, brand colors, and other design elements to make your white label service integrate with your own company. Things like website and client portals will be completely seamless to clients who will have no visibility to the white label service and continue to do business with your agency as normal. Your brand identity will remain completely intact.

Better customer satisfaction

With a fully tested and available range of services you can raise your own customer’s satisfaction levels. Work produced and delivered on time combined with new or extended solutions can mean that your agency provides a one-stop-shop for clients. Ease of use and marketing products that meet clients’ needs can generate repeat business and prevent clients from looking elsewhere to find additional services.

Save time and money

Using a white label service can save time and money, not only in areas already mentioned like product development but in terms of staffing and premises too. Outsourcing marketing work, content design and other tasks to an external team can mean less revenue spent on in house designers and technical staff. Fewer people means less space needed, so you may find that you can downsize premises or office space by using a white label service. Research, development, troubleshooting, and testing will no longer be required and white labelling your services can mean a more cost-effective operation.

Less technology needed

White labelling means not only a reduction in needed staff, but it can also require much less investment in things like technology or expensive software licenses. The infrastructure needed to deliver your services will be much less as you will rely on the systems and technology supplied by your external provider. Computer equipment, design programs, servers, data storage and all kinds of other technical support may be no longer an essential part of your business.

Develop core services

Outsourcing services and leaving the responsibility of delivering the work to a white label agency means that you can focus on the development of your core business offerings. Targeting industries, areas, and business segments that align with your agency and structuring services designed to provide the best solutions. Being able to focus and strategize means that your business can be positioned to offer the best solutions to a specific sector or industry, and business development can be targeted to the most profitable segments.

Fully customizable

With an entire range of services provided by your white label agency, you are free to utilize only the ones that are meaningful to your clients. Customizing your product offerings means that you are able to have full flexibility, adding and removing products as needed to supply your clients with the business and marketing solutions they need and sell them under your own brand. Having this level of flexibility means that you can quickly expand your service range as required in an agile manner to meet your client’s needs.

Control of profitability

As if this weren’t all enough the big benefit of using a white label service is the control you have over your own revenue and profit. Once the white label services have been supplied you are free to add on your own percentage or markup the pricing as much as you like. There are no restrictions or limitations on the amount you can charge, and the pricing can be different for each company. For example, you may charge bigger companies with large output a higher rate than a smaller company with less business. When combined with the cost savings already gained from using a white label service, this increase in profitability can be the icing on the cake.

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