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Why company name matters for white label agencies

Selling white label services to clients means that you have a means to provide people with needed assistance, without having to do all the work yourself. The concept of white label services allows agencies freedom and flexibility over things like work volume, service offerings and pricing. Different packages or tier structures may be put together to upsell, cross-sell or maximize your business revenue, all why retaining control of margins and profits.

For some agencies, promoting white label services is the foundation on which they have built and scaled their entire organization. Both large and small businesses partner with white label providers to provide some or all of their marketing services. If you have considered starting your own digital marketing agency, you may have thought about using a white label provider or at least partnering with one to help manage work load volumes.

Agency owners who are just starting out may be wondering why their own business name is important, especially when promoting white label services, here are a few reasons why your own company branding is crucial to your success.

Establishes an identity

If white label products form the basis of your agency offerings, then you will still need a name for your company to establish your own identity. Even though work may be outsourced to a white label partner, the client-facing side of the operation will be your agency. This is the entity that you client sees and interacts with, therefore having a brand name that is recognisable can go a long way. Names can be short or long, memorable or punchy and whatever name you choose, it should give customer an idea of who you are an what your business does.

Remember, you and your white label provider are not one and the same unit. You business is a stand alone agency that sells white label services. It is important to understand this distinction especially if you are a new agency owner.

Create brand recognition

Through social media interactions, forum responses, paid ads, and other marketing methods, your brand should not only create its own identity, but it should also create recognition. Potential clients who are exposed to repeated posts or adverts from your company will be able to recall your agency name after a while and recall it in association with social media management services or whatever other white label services you are offering. The right agency name can create not only brand recognition, but a strong first impression will make your business name stick.

Demonstrates a unique take

Your agency name has the power to differentiate your company from the hundreds of others in the marketplace. With new digital agencies popping up almost everyday, choosing the right name for your own company has the power to set you apart from the rest. Many white label agencies have chosen original and punchy names that show their own individuality within the marketing sector and companies with creativity are able to show their areas of specialty or aling their name with their business ethos. Clever!

Conveys business strategy

Some names may be strong enough to make an instant impression, others may hint at what your agency is all about. The name Marketing X may be enough to create a strong brand, but it lacks specificity. Depend on the kind of business sector or niche you are planning to sell white label products to, your agency may benefit from a name that clearly highlights your intended niche like: Real Estate Marketers, or Social Finance Experts. Having a name that shows the kind of customers you focus on can help to gain your more business. Clients in the property business are more likely to choose a company called Real Estate Markers over a business called Marketing X due to the alignment with their own industry. A clear name in a specific niche can help to gain you more white label clients within that business segment and identify your agency as an expert in that particular area.

Local promotion

If you have decided that your business will operate withing your local area or region to provide white label services then it can be worth including that in your agency name. Many people still trust and choose businesses which are located close to them, even if they never set foot in the premises. Having a marketing agency on the doorstep creates a kind of security among clients who feel that they can find you if they need you. Most never will but you can still take advantage of the fact when naming your business. Some white label agencies simply include their city name as part as their company name like Tampa Bay Marketing Agency, or Texas Digital Services. For clients who don’t want to go too far afield when selecting their social media management or content writing company, this strategy works perfectly.

Attached to reputation

Brand identity and business strategy are not the only things associated with your white label agency name. Your business reputation will also be synonymous with your brand; good or bad. Some companies spend a long time building a positive brand image and invest a lot in gaining reviews and promoting their successes. On the flip side, companies who have had a string of negative reviews or business mis-steps often dissolve the company and restart the business under a new name, believing the negative image to be irreversible.

Online presence

Your company name will be visible in many different places and will underpin your business marketing strategy, forming the basis of your online presence, Your business name will most likely be a part of your website URL or you may want to use it as a hashtag. A name that is used commonly may cause problems when it comes to finding your preferred domain or promoting your company online. You name does not want to be too similar to other agencies or your white label services risks becoming confused with other businesses.

Final words

Whatever services you decide to offer from your white label agency, whether content writing, social media marketing or something else, your brand and company name will help to establish your business online. You name will help you to stand out while showing potential clients what your business does and the values you hold. Finding the right name won’t necessarily bring hundreds of clients to your door, but it will establish and position your agency in a number of ways.

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