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Who can use white label services to resell social media marketing?

With a number of white label service providers on the market, you may be wondering exactly who can benefit from using them. White label agencies supply work to you that can be resold to your own customer. As a business model this can be extremely profitable as once the white label company has been paid, you are free to add on any profit you like for your own business.

It may sound too simple to be true, but the reality is that all kinds of people and businesses benefit from reselling white label services. With a broad range of providers out there, services that can be resold to end users could include things such as:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Account Growth
  • SEO
  • Website Audits
  • Technical Reviews
  • Content Writing
  • PPC Advertising

This leaves many people in an advantageous position, being able to capitalize on selling services for profit, without needing advanced technical skills. In fact, many savvy entrepreneurs have created a successful business using exactly this model, so if you are wondering who would use a white label service to remarket their own product offerings, check out this list.

College Students

The myth of the broke college student may soon be a thing of the past with many business oriented college and university-goers taking advantage of selling services online to support their student career. Many students are using white label services to outsource work to and reap the profits. All while studying for a degree or a PhD. As students spend a lot of their time in the classroom or online, selling social media services or SEO packages is a popular choice. For more technologically aware students, services like website audits and technical reviews are frequently the chosen services for resale.

Stay at Home Mums

With a timetable that revolves around feeding times and school runs, many stay at home mums love the flexibility gained from reselling white label services. Social media management and content writing can be a great way to make extra money, and with delivery times that regularly include long lead times, the customer follow up and other business tasks can be easily managed alongside the kids schedule. Work demands can be kept to a minimum and stay at home mums often find that just a handful of clients is enough to provide them with a living wage.

Existing Agency Owners

You might think that business owners with a busy marketing agency have no need for white label outsourcing. But in fact, the opposite is true. There is an abundance of marketing agencies which partner with white label services to manage an increasing workload or to add additional services to their current line up of product offerings. Growing or scaling an agency means more work to manage, and when demand outstrips capacity a white label service can provide an efficient and cost effective solution.

New Agency Owners

Those who have the desire to start their own agency but perhaps don’t have enough expertise to do the day to day work have found that a white label service can be a great solution. With the ability to outsource and offer a complete list of services, being new to the games doesn’t mean being excluded. Partnering with a reputable white label agency will allow new agency owners to have the work done externally while being able to focus on internal processes or business development activities.

Marketing Consultants

Consultants who advise and supply marketing services may find they run into restrictions of time. Once the marketing strategy is in place the implementation can be handled by a white label company. For busy consultants this can provide a huge advantage, freeing up large blocks of the day to oversee projects or work closely with clients.

Advertising Specialists

For those in the business of developing ad campaigns and monitoring PPC performance, a white label service can be a source of ad creatives and graphic artwork. There are some agencies that will manage the entire campaign with the complete management of the clients advertising, depending on how much of the project the advertising specialist is comfortable handing over. Either way there are huge benefits in being able to outsource some or all of their campaigns.

Freelance Content Creators

There are thousands of people that operate independently or on a freelance basis to provide services to clients, and many of those services fall under the social media marketing or content writing banner. Even when working as a sole operator, a white label company can still be used to handle design creatives, content writing, and a number of other tasks. Freelancers who have a good number of clients frequently struggle with the demands of customer service and delivering requested work. Having a white label partner can help remove some of this pressure and free up time, especially on large projects.

Website Companies

Companies which design and build websites often need to spend time optimizing pages and fixing technical issues to make the site visible in search results. Outsourcing SEO tasks can ensure that the work is professionally done without tying up in-house resources. As these companies already have a relationship with their clients, they are frequently approached about social media marketing and other promotional services. For companies that have all of their focus on building websites, white labeling these other services can be a way of offering the work to their clients and retaining their business.


The bottom line is that anyone can use a white label service to resell products, it is not limited to one specific business segment, or reserved for companies of a certain size. Upselling, cross-selling, and outsourcing are all tasks that can benefit the organization or individual who chooses to partner with a white label service. Extra products, less needed resources and more efficient use of time are all gained by working with a white label provider.

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