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What makes a good social media marketer?

There are plenty of people out there that claim to be a social media marketer or a social media manager, just look on sites like Fiverr or search freelance pages. But the truth is that being a GOOD social media marker takes a bit more than just making a few pretty posts and throwing them up on Instagram or Twitter. Managing customer accounts and generating compelling content on a schedule can actually be hard work, and some of the best social marketers are extraordinarily well-organized individuals.

So if you are looking for someone to manage your social channels here are some things that you might want to look for.

Organizational Skills

Keeping track of multiple social accounts can soon get messy, so if you are considering using a social media manager, find out what tools they are using to manage posting times and volumes. Churning out post after post can take a lot of time and effort, so you want to be sure your new hire can keep up with demand. There is nothing worse than paying money to see no activity on your social accounts, or even worse, receiving a flurry of 5 posts all in the same afternoon, so find out how your social manager intends to track and manage their responsibilities.

Graphic Design Ability

Getting bad posts can be almost worse than receiving no posts, so here is where asking for examples of past social media posts can help you to avoid disaster. A good social media manager should be skilled at content creation and be able to design eye-catching and interesting posts. Visually unappealing posts will not attract followers so if the posts look basic or appear bland then it may be best to move on and find someone else. Capability can be more important than the tools used, so it doesn’t matter if your social media manager uses Canva or state-of-the-art software as long as the posts look professional. Images should be sharp and clear, and fonts should be easy to read.

Staying on-brand

A really good social media marketer will be able to incorporate different elements of your brand into social media content. They should be aware of your company’s logo, colors, and business ethos and use all of these elements when generating posts. The content that is visible on social media represents your company so consistently using colors like purple and white when your company colours are teal and grey will not help with your brand recognition online. Remaining on brand isn’t just about your colors or logo. For example, if your company is all about sustainability then your posts should reflect that and avoid content that contradicts your company message.

Being Adaptable

If you are using an external social media manager or outsourced service then they should be adaptable enough to move with company changes. Business moves quickly and for companies that are in a growth or start-up mode, needs can change quickly too. Target audiences may need to be adjusted, the clientele may change, and new product lines or services may be added depending on the type of growth the company is experiencing. A social media manager should be versatile enough to react quickly to changes, adjust the content that they produce to align with new business goals, and reflect the new business elements. Being adaptable will help you to keep your content relevant.

Good communicator

Good communication is one of those things that is cited endlessly as a positive trait, but it is the foundation of so many things. Having open lines of communication can support better business decisions, create better understanding, and build productive relationships. It will be important for your company to have a social media manager who is available and responsive to information and questions. They should be able to understand your motivations and business aims and convert that into compelling content for your social media accounts. Being adept at communication also helps to remove or resolve misunderstandings and prevents the need for work to be redone.


While there are all kinds of statistics and metrics built in to most social media platforms, your social marketer should understand how to interpret the data that matters. Extracting information that will help you to tailor content to more followers and drive more engagement can all be derived from analytical information. Tracking and measuring the effectiveness of content and determining what resonates with flowers can be helpful when it comes to guiding the creation of future posts. When used property, analytics can be a powerful tool when used to support an overriding social media strategy.

Educated and current

Being a good social media marketer does not require any specialised degree but to be successful a reasonable level of education will be needed. Marketers should know how to write and spell correctly, along with using grammar and punctuation properly. It is also useful when working in technology to stay up to date an informed about the latest news and industry trends. This applies to marketing and other industries that the social marketer may deal with. Staying ahead of new innovations and developments can be used to generate fresh and unique content for social accounts.

Final Words

Finding an effective marketer who can handle your social accounts can often be challenging, for this reason many companies choose to outsource their social media management to an external provider. If this is a route you are considering using then the same rules apply. Whether your social media marketer is an individual or a business, they should still be able to demonstrate the positive qualities listed in this article.

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