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Stay in-house or time to outsource?

Many busy agencies find themselves at a crossroads, usually after operating for a while and experiencing a decent growth rate. At this point,many marketing agencies find that they need to decide whether they should keep all of the work in-house or outsource to a white-label agency.

While there are obvious reasons for keeping all of the work under the agency’s control and direction, there are also reasons why outsourcing may be the way to go. Marketing agencies that are currently faced with this question, will need to decide on the best course of action.

Here at Smarcomms we understand that turning your work and client list over to an outside entity can be a scary prospect. So here are the answers to some common questions and concerns.

What if I lose all control of the work?

The short answer is that you won’t. White-label services are designed to keep you apprised of the work being performed. Project management tools and customer portal access ensures that you are able to monitor the work for quality and make adjustments at each stage of the process. This will help you to ensure that your clients receive work just as if your own marketing agency had done it.

I’m worried about the cost

The reality is that most agency owners find that outsourcing work actually costs them less. This is because managing a marketing agency and paying staff like content creators and graphic designers can be expensive. Salaries, overheads, and other expenses can actually be reduced by outsourcing work to a white-label provider. There is no need to pay for expensive software licences or user seats, and obligations can be much reduced.

Will outsourcing affect my client relationships?

It probably will but in a way that is more likely to be positive than negative. Taking the burden of work obligations and deadlines out of the mix typically allows agency owners more time to cultivate relationships, nurture leads, and focus on existing clients. This frequently results in better communication and more consistent contact with clients, which is appreciated greatly by the people paying you for services.

Will the quality of work be as good?

Provided you partner with a reputable white-label service the quality of your content and social media posts should be of a high standard. Most agencies have a team of content creators and qualified staff that will deliver good quality work.When selecting an agency it is important that they provide samples of previous work performed so you can assess the quality. If any agency that you are considering cannot provide you with samples, then beware.

How will revisions or adjustments be managed?

Just as with your own content creation process, a white label provider will manage your clients work in a series of steps. Before these are completed you will have an opportunity to review the work before finally delivering it to your client. This ensures that the work provided is in line with client requirements and up the expected standard. Work can be provided to clients seamlessly and delivered on a predetermined schedule.

What about expanding service offerings?

The nice thing about outsourcing to a white label service is that you are not limited in terms of adding services. Normal business operations can be restricted by things like cost or the limitations of staff. White label services with an entire team at their disposal can easily add new service offerings to your marketing agencies portfolio. Perhaps you have specialised in social media marketing and now you want to add content writing. A white label service can help you to manage that quickly and easily.

My volume fluctuates, can a white label service handle that?

White label services are expert at managing different work volumes, in fact for many providers that is just the nature of the business. Demand that moves through high and low cycles can be adeptly managed by a white label service and its team. The nice thing for marketing agencies is that this levels out the need for adding new staff, or perhaps keeping current staff through quiet periods. This can be useful in terms of levelling out expenses and maintaining better cost management.

Can I use a white label provider as needed?

Some providers may request a minimum commitment or contract. Smarcomms does not require a minimum term and works with its clients as needed. This means that during times when the work volume exceeds your capacity, or that a client hits you with a large unexpected project, we can be on-hand to help. White label services can be invaluable in this way as they help you maintain a consistent work flow and meet client delivery times no matter what is needed.

Can I still charge my own rates?

Absolutely. Once terms have been agreed with your white-label provider any costs that you add on top is entirely up to you. For marketing agencies this gives them the ability of driving their own profits by setting whatever prices they need. Having this kind of flexibility can be useful for offering deals and discounts to clients, or driving revenue.

How do I know if I’m choosing a GOOD white label service?

Make sure that your chosen white service provider can perform the work to a high standard by doing some research. Look for things like customer reviews and client testimonials that will indicate the reliability and trustworthiness of the white label provider. Places like Feefo, Trustpilot, and Google My Business often reveal all the information you need to know. If you come across a slew of negative reviews, or suspect that the business has a poor reputation, then it may be best to steer clear and search for a different white label provider.

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