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Social media post ideas for your marketing agency

While it may seem redundant to write a post that provides social media content ideas for a marketing agency, the truth is that even people who perform marketing services can run out of ideas. Keeping content fresh and constant can be a challenge, and generating content for other people’s accounts all day long can often mean that your own social channels become neglected.

Keeping your social accounts updated and relevant can be important if you run a marketing agency as it can be one of the first places that potential customers look when considering using your company.

Here’s some ideas to keep your social accounts looking good.

Change your theme

Posting business content often means that your posts are along a similar theme, so it can be worth changing things up to add a bit more interest. For example, if you’re creating a lot of information about how to make a great website, it can be worth looking at associated topics. What about daily SEO tips, or showing your followers how to write a great meta-description? Departing from your usual type of post and varying topics can help to keep your audience interested and engaged.

If you are the owner of a rapidly expanding agency, it can be helpful to begin making these kinds of relationships before you need to think about outsourcing work. That way when the time comes you will already know the white label team and how they work which can make the process much less daunting.

Be bold and go live

Video is on the rise as the preferred form of content. The way we view and digest information is changing and video is on the forefront. Going live is super scary if you haven’t done it before, and many feel self conscious the first few times they do it. However, if you can get used to streaming live, it is an excellent way to connect directly with your followers who can add comments, ask questions, and send information as you speak.

Check your grid

Instagram users that post can see images of past content in a grid below their account. While it may not seem important, having a grid that looks appealing and organised can be attractive to potential followers. It can also show your skills as a marketing service by having a uniform grid or one that makes up one single image. There are tools online to help you to achieve this, but many users use colours to create a checkerboard look with two contrasting shades – usually their brand colours – to make alternating posts.

Power up reels and stories

With video becoming the new normal, things like reels, stories, and video posts should not be ignored. It is a powerful medium by which to reach your audience and attract new followers. You can use your own content or user generated content to share on your social accounts and engage your followers. You may decide that featuring yourself isn’t the way to go, so if that’s the case there are numerous video editing and creation tools that you can use to display your own text and animations over stock footage.

Outsource your social content

There are services online like Smarcomms that can create all of your social media posts on your behalf. It may sound odd for a marketing service to outsource their own marketing, but this happens much more commonly than you might think. Handling customer accounts, prospecting for business, and managing all the other tasks that go into running a busy agency can mean that there is just not time left in the day. Outsourcing social content can help keep your accounts consistently updated with professional content so you don’t have to worry about it. Just make sure you are using a reputable service, and that they can provide examples of past work for you to view.

Do interviews

Interviews are a great source of material, you can post the entire thing via a link, share snippets as a video post or story, or use quotes from the conversation to create social media content. It also generates a lot of interest from your audience especially if the people you are interviewing are of interest to them. The great thing is that who you interview is unlimited, you can show off customer success stories or share a chat with a business leader. There is no shortage of people that will be happy to speak to you to share their story or promote their own business.

Share a project

Breathe new life into your social media accounts by collaborating with other businesses, agencies, or charities is a fantastic way to cross-promote services and reach an entirely new audience. Whatever the project is, you can take photos, highlight successes, and report on progress at various stages. Updates can show your challenges or share your success. Posting information in serialised snippets can keep your audience coming back for the latest news, and you will be able to reach the followers of the business you are collaborating with too.

Feature your followers

Most people will be more inclined to buy from a business or use their services if they are recommended by others. This can work better than any advert or sales discount. User generated content is a tactic used by many big businesses, so encourage your followers to share their own posts and tag you on them so you can feature them on your own social accounts. Some studies show that user-generated content is over 40% more effective than branded content so it is something that is well-worth incorporating into your social media efforts.


Your social accounts reflect your business so as a marketing agency it’s even more important that you pay attention to them. A jaded or outdated social media page may have the unfortunate effect of deterring potential customers. Use the tips in this article and if all else fails don’t be afraid to outsource the work to an independent company.

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