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Social Media Post Ideas for Property Managers

The biggest challenge associated with marketing a property is making it stand out from all the other properties that appear online. As anyone who has been interested in buying a home will know, their social feeds soon fill up and they can be inundated with posts from property managers who claim that theirs is the best property

So in a highly competitive market, how do you stand out from all the other property managers who are advertising homes to rent or buy?

Read on for some actionable ideas to help you.

Consider your platform

Take a moment to consider WHERE you are advertising. Depending on the platform you are using you may have different tools and posting formats available to you. For example, Instagram allows users to create standard posts, animated posts, story posts, video reels or go ‘live’. With so many formats available you could be missing out if you don’t utilise them fully.

As well as being able to reach slightly different audiences using things like video posts can help to set you apart. Think about it, which post is likely to capture your attention. The static photo of a house, or the one that has animations and highlights added? Check out the post types that are available to you and start using them in your marketing efforts.

Be brave and go live

If you have the capability of going live and streaming real-time video it can be a real game-changer in terms of engagement. Audiences and followers love to feel as though they are part of something, so posting live videos of house tours, for example, can be a powerful way to reach your audience and attract new users to your account. Going live is one of those things that can seem daunting at first, but the more you do it, the more you will get used to it. After a while, you will stream videos to your fans without even thinking about it.

Post about your team

If you work in an office of property managers or estate agents then share posts about them. Feature them, their latest sale, their cat, or what they are wearing today. You get the idea, what you post doesn’t have to be particularly newsworthy but it can humanize your business and colleagues, creating a real connection with your social account followers.

People would rather buy from someone they know, so help your audience get to know you and your team on a deeper level. It can be a compelling reason to call when they need a home of a property manager.

Property comparisons

Social media can be used to showcase properties and show buyers or renters what they are getting for their money. It can provide them with insights into the home that they would not normally get and generate interest. It can also be a great way to demonstrate differences between available properties. Posting side by side comparisons is a great way to show why your property is better than the one being offered by the competition. You can highlight hidden advantages or features to make the home even more appealing.

Highlight company events

For much the same reasons as above, it can be helpful to provide behind the scenes posts about company events or news. This could even extend to things like when your business is hiring or when you win a long term contract. If you have an occasion like a company night out or a sporting event post about those too. It puts your audience in touch with your company on a tangible level, creating an empathy that could lead to future business.

Don’t be afraid to brag

Property owners, renters, and buyers – or just people in general, like to partner with businesses that are successful within their industry. So should about your wins both large and small, share your successes and achievements and share then LOUD. Don’t be shy. If you don’t boast about your good fortune nobody else will so get it out there on social media and show everyone how great you are at your job. Awards, certificates, additional training or even making a big sale should all be featured on your social feeds.

Learn about your audience

Asking a question, inviting answers, or sharing polls not only drives audeince engagement, but it can provide you with tons of useful information about your audience. Having access to these types of insight can help you understand traits and behaviour. In turn, this can be used to tailor your products or advertising to speak to what matters to your followers. Driving engagement can also make it easier to ask for likes and shares which may give you access to an even broader customer base helping you to reach more potential customers.

Examine your analytics

Built-in social analytics provide you with a wealth of information that can be leveraged to help you reach and engage with your audience better. Digging deep can help you to uncover trends or patterns of behaviour on your posts. It can give you indications about the kind of posts that work best and elicit reactions or responses, helping you to craft posts that generate more interaction. Look for subtle indicators; posts that contain a specific word or that are concerned with a similar topic may perform better.


Use all the information that is at your disposal to reach and better engage with your audience. Making yourself stand out better can be done by using the insights you have observed and obtained. If you don’t have time to generate content then try a social media management service like Smarcomms which can generate all your content for you.

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