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Social Media Marketing for Medical Services

Operating a doctor’s surgery or a clinic may not instantly seems as though it is the kind of business that would benefit from social media marketing. However, that is not the case. Many surgeries, both medical and dental have used social media effectively to promote their business, gain new clients, and share information about health or preventative care.

Success hinges on using the correct channel to share content. Medical surgeries which typically deal with older patients may reach more of their client base on platforms like Facebook, while services catering to busy professionals may be better placed on Twitter. The platform you select should align with your patient base and offer the tools and features you need for your medical business like online booking.

Here are some of the ways that medical practices and health centers can use social media marketing to their advantage.

Educate patients

Your social media channels can be used to keep patients informed and educated about the latest developments and health news. During the Covid pandemic, many doctors surgeries, and healthcare professionals shared health advice using social media. It is a fast way to get information out quickly and raise awareness about current health problems or viral infections like the flu.

Share industry news

The medical field is committed to the research and development of new products and treatments. Posting to social accounts can be a fantastic way to inform patients of products coming to the market, new medical techniques, or pharmaceuticals that are under development. New events and landmark findings can be shared and social platforms give plenty of opportunities for patients to ask questions. Responding to patient queries can help to improve loyalty and patient trust in your medical practice.

Build your medical brand

Posting content about your medical practice may not seem like a big deal but it is a chance to display your brand in everything that you do. Logos can be added to your content, you can create your own hashtag that users can follow and you can create content using your brand colors which help with recognition. Your brand doesn’t have to share content that is 100% medical, you can share posts about things outside the practice or events that your company supports.

Highlight staff success

The medical industry has more than its fair amount of ongoing training and opportunity for advancement. Share information about your surgery staff and highlight their successes. If your team has recently completed a training course, share a pic of them altogether. Or if you have had someone who has been studying for an exam, share a post to congratulate them and share their success when they pass. This can help to make you and your team more relatable and can attract more patients.

Post local information

Social media can be used as a kind of bulletin board for your medical business. Got traffic delays due to construction on the main road? Or is part of your waiting room inaccessible due to repairs? Share the information on your social accounts and keep patients ahead of all the latest news. This will help them to navigate any possible delays and reduce disruption to their day. Social channels can be used to share things like surgery reorganizations or staff reshuffles, your patients will appreciate the heads up.

Take advantage of UGC

UGC or user-generated content is a great way to promote your medical business and build patient trust at the same time. UGC is content posted by other users that you can share on your social feeds. For example, if a Twitter user posts something like ‘I can’t believe I was so nervous to go to the surgery but Dr. David was so kind’ and tags your medical practice on the post, then reshare the content or take a screenshot and repost it to your social channels. People trust content posted by other people far more than ads or other promotional material so use UGC to your advantage.

Final words

Giving your medical or dental surgery an online presence is a great client acquisition tool. Sharing content regularly can broaden your reach, expand your customer base, and improve patient loyalty and trust. Professional content can highlight your medical specialties and show patients what they can expect when they visit your facility.

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