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Should I be posting video content as part of my social media strategy?

It’s a question that many business owners are asking themselves. The presence of video content has grown exponentially over the past few years and video content is becoming the medium of choice for many customers.

Recent studies have shown that a high proportion of social media users are gravitating to video posts, and viewing content on platforms like Instagram reels and TikTok. People seeking information are increasingly viewing instructional videos and how-to guides in favour of written content, and the younger generation and shunning platforms like Facebook and Twitter in favor of video-based social media channels.


Video is an effective format for grabbing the attention of clients and customers. Moving visuals animations and sound all make the video compelling if not irresistible to watch. Large brands have quickly adopted video as an advertising medium and are allocating large portions of their marketing budgets to developing video content.

As a format that has the power to instantly capture the attention and create scroll-stopping posts, video is becoming a ‘must have’ marketing tool for many businesses and its ease of consumption means that it is engaging and effective.

Targeted messaging

Creating attractive video content is a fantastic way to hook and capture audience interest. Telling stories or creating content that is visually appealing can mean that viewers remain on your page longer, giving you a chance to gain more sales and followers. Generating posts that feed information and end in a strong call to action effectively drives users to your website or landing pages.

Video posts may even become an asset, for companies who have mastered the art of viral video, posts can be shared reaching a huge number of users, and if done right, will be an asset for weeks or months. Compile a number of effective video posts and you may earn more traffic than you can handle.

Versatile content

Using video content to share on social media platforms can be a versatile medium that injects life into any type of subject matter. For businesses that are traditionally stale, video can breathe new life and bring excitement to topics that may otherwise be a bit mundane.

Personalities can be shown, ideas can be shared and video content lends itself well to sharing information that is useful or helpful in real time. New and trending topics can be taken advantage of immediately and tools like live streaming can bring your followers right into the heart of the action for a shared experience.

Add a personal angle

You can make your business or brand much more relatable by posting video content, especially if your have decided to be the face of your company. Show your followers who you are and what your business hopes to achieve with a series of informative video posts. Encourage interactions by creating posts that feature or include your staff and help your followers gain an impression of your business along with understanding why they should buy from you. Initiatives or things like social causes can be shared to help users understand company values and business ethos.

Highly consumable

It has been said many times that a picture is worth a thousand words, so what then can interactive, animated video content be worth? 5 thousand, 10 thousand, 100 thousand? The possibility of video reaching a high number of users is far above that of static posts. While typical social content has the ability to go viral, video adds a whole other dimension making it appeal to people in different countries, from different backgrounds, and across age groups.

But just as with traditional social media, quality will make all the difference. In the same way as blurred or low-quality photos can affect the reach of your Facebook and Instagram posts, poor quality video will impede your progress too. Videos that are shaky, hard to hear, or marred by loud background noise will not do anything to further your cause.

Brand recognition

With video content it is entirely possible that your posts will be viewed by thousands, and sometimes, millions of people so why not capitalize on the opportunity to promote your brand. A subtle logo placed in the corner of your video or a mention of your company name every 3 or 4 posts can do much to increase brand awareness and recognition.

The better your videos perform, the higher chance you have of gaining new followers and conversions so take advantage of video tools to embed logos or corporate graphics on to your posts.

Track user engagement

Almost all social media platforms have some form of analytics provided to measure user actions and engagement with your content. The same is true for video posts, useful metrics will show you things like views, likes, shares, and clicks making it easy to determine the kind of posts which work best.

Identifying the posts that resonate highest with your audience means that you or your marketing agency can focus on creating more content of this type to drive even more clicks and conversions. User metrics are helpful to show details like the best times or days to post along with how many people may have viewed your profile page or visited your website.

How do I make video posts?

The easiest way to make quick video posts is to film yourself talking or sharing things like tips or information that is useful to your audience. If you are the kind of person who cringes at the thought of getting in front of the camera, then fortunately there are some alternatives. Stock video clips can be found online, many of these clips can be used for free and for a wider selection, there are paid video libraries which can be searched for the content that you need.

Expert video makers and digital marketers are adept at taking stock video footage and combining it with graphics, music, or voiceovers to make original posts for your company’s social channels. Having your video content produced for you by a social media marketing agency is a viable alternative which is used by companies of all sizes.

Video marketing is effective without a doubt, the numbers leave no room for doubt, but the downside to video content is that it can be time-consuming or tricky to produce, especially if you are not technically minded.

For this reason, engaging the services of a social media marketing agency may be the best option. Keep your social feeds filled with top-quality video content while your time is left free to focus on the business.

If you would like to learn more about having professional video content produced for your business, visit Smarcomms today.

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