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Smarcomms Review


December 14, 2023

Founder of The Steorras

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Steorras On Using Smarcomms: “Give it a go and earn back your time.”



“Steorras is a fine jewelry company that was founded by two sisters. Having grown up in three different countries, the inspiration for their designs is drawn from the unique cultures and their shared experiences of these places.”

Social Media Content

Tell us about your brand! When did you launch, where are you headquartered, what moved you to start your business?

” Steorras was launched in 2022, operating online, with our personal residences situated in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. Supporting our community is a core value for us. We are particularly drawn to the incredible work of Halton Women’s Place, a local charity that holds significant importance to us. To contribute, we donate jewelry pieces to various events hosted by the organization to raise funds. Moreover, we’ve pledged a committed portion of proceeds from our Paper Heart Pendant to continually support this remarkable cause.”

What are some of your other favorite services/apps/tools for managing your social media presence?

“We use, Adobe Lightroom, Canva, Meta Business Suites”

What other methods/strategies did you try in order to address those issues prior to using Smarcomms?

“We have tried marketing agencies who had some level of social media content as part of our plan but unfortunately, the cost was too high, social media content and posting was not the primary focus. The content that was delivered, generally required much of editing and there were delays in communications”

How did you learn about Smarcomms?


How long have you been using Smarcomms?

“About a month now”

What prompted you to move forward with Smarcomms?

“The reasonable pricing and ala carte style of offering services”

Have you tried any of our competitors? If so, why did you choose Smarcomms instead?

“We have not tried a social media company before. We have however, tried marketing agencies that offered a variety of services including social media. We found that although social media was part of the package we had, it was the primary focus.”

How are you benefitting from using Smarcomms? i.e. 10 hours saved per week, 15 new enquiries from social media etc.

“This is a fairly new partnership with Smarcomms. We so far like the consistency of posts and since there are regular posts that the team is helping with, we get to focus on other aspects, such as creating reels, story posts, etc.”

Anything else you’re proud to share?

“Given our previous experiences with marketing agencies, we were quite skeptical to try a new one. The affordable pricing and the ala carte services option made it feasible to give Smarcomms a try. Our experience has been great so far. The content is great, the team puts an effort to continue to get to know us and our brand. Through our communication and the content created, we can see that the team cares.”

Do you have any changes you’d like to see made with Smarcomms? Any ideas for the team?

“Great work so far. We would like the team to continue researching the types of content that get traction and implement such strategies in creating the content for us. Always open to discussion! Consider adding Facebook Growth as a service.”

Do you have any advice for other Smarcomms users?

“Give open and honest feedback to the your team. We found that they do really want you to be happy with the content they create. “

What is one thing you want customers to take away from your business? What are you truly selling?

“Timeless jewelry with a story behind that become heirlooms”

Thanks to Steorras for sharing their experience with Smarcomms. If you’re looking for jewelry then check her out.

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Hire a Social Media Marketing Manager From Just $99 Per Month

We'll create stunning social media content and generate real organic growth so that you can focus on your business.

150+ 5 star reviews

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