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Resell White-Label Social Media Management services to Increase Profits

Driving increased profits by selling social media management services to businesses and end-users has proven to be an extremely successful business model for marketing agencies.

Selling social media services can be highly profitable but the downside is that it can be extremely absorbing and time-consuming to create attention-grabbing graphics and write engaging or informative posts in bulk quantities.

Agencies that supply social media services to clients often require a number of graphic design experts, account managers, and creative directors to oversee campaigns and ensure that delivery times are met.

For agencies that wish to grow or expand at scale, the cost of these overheads can be problematic. Revenue earned may need to be earmarked for essential items such as technology payments and subscriptions or employee wages, leaving little leftover for advertising or future investment.

As a solution to this problem agencies are increasingly adopting white-label service platforms to provide social media account services to clients while reducing expenditure. Reselling white-label services allows companies to sell products under their own brand, reduce overheads, and increase profits.

How white-label services can increase profits

Managing a social media marketing agency requires a number of resources if it is to be successful. Agency owners will need to manage customer service issues, deliver effective social campaigns, and source new clients. In addition, there are all the other responsibilities that go along with business ownership, accounting, marketing, payroll, etc.

Reselling white-label social media services can help to reduce the number of obligations that agencies need to juggle, removing the need for dedicated staff and allowing agency owners to focus on areas like growth or development.

In the short term, switching to white-label services can free up capital and reduce costs, in the long term it can help marketing agencies to add to their range of services and increase profits.

Marketing agencies that use the services of white-label providers do so for the following reasons.

  • Cost reduction
  • Focus on core business
  • Solve workflow issues
  • Maximize capacity
  • Improve service quality
  • Easy scalability

Here are some other ways that reselling white-label social media services can benefit your marketing agency:

Ease of implementation

Moving your social media product offerings over to a white-label solution can be as easy as setting up an account and completing the onboarding process. White-label services are designed to save you time and effort and resellers can enjoy an easy setup process and transfer clients easily.

Client accounts can often be viewed and managed from one dashboard which provides agency owners with full visibility to things like campaign generation, delivery schedules, and progress reports. With all information easily accessible, work can be monitored and tracked for efficiency and effectiveness.

No need for dedicated staff

For large social media account clients, staff are needed that can generate social media campaigns and create a high number of posts. If the client requires multiple social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to be managed then it can become a full-time job for your employee, leaving little available time free to work on other projects.

White-label services remove the need for dedicated agency staff by providing their own team of experts. Qualified content creators will reduce the need for labor by designing social media posts for your client and writing captions, freeing up your own resources and saving money.

Consistent quality

Even with the best direction, creative styles can differ across content designers. Using white-label services allows you to maintain consistency across your client’s brand and social channels. Things like graphics, wording, tone of voice, and brand message can all be created in a cohesive and unified fashion, delivering consistent quality to your clients.

For many customers, this can create security and trust knowing that their brand is represented in a way that is harmonious with their company message. Avoiding inconsistencies and incompatibilities effectively leads to an improved customer experience that encourages repeat business.

Expanded services

Reselling white-label services can help you to expand on your existing social media product offerings. Because you are not limited by the need for staff or purchasing expensive software to support your business, adding additional services becomes much simpler. Enhanced options and other product extensions can be implemented quickly and easily.

Many agency owners find that reselling white-label social media services helps them to offer clients a much broader product range than would be possible as a standalone agency. Upgraded packages and add ons are easy to attach, meaning clients can enjoy a full-service solution for their social media needs.

Flexible pricing

Paying for services from a white label provider allows agencies to set their own price levels for their clients. Depending on the level of profit needed, packages and services can be designed for a number of pricing options. Once the payment has been fulfilled for the provision of white label social media services, any additional cost charged to the end client is retained by the marketing agency.

For those agencies that implement white-label services successfully, profits can be increased exponentially while outgoings are reduced, effectively increasing the total profit margin. As a business model, this can prove more economically viable than hiring staff and providing your own social media marketing services to clients.

Final words

While white-label services may seem simply another version of outsourcing, it goes far beyond simply passing work over to another entity or individual. Reselling white-label services means that the client relationship always remains with the agency, and work provided as a reseller is supplied to your client’s specifications in a way that is invisible to the customer.

This seamless solution is a large part of the appeal. For many agencies, this means that by reselling social media management services they can dedicate more time to the client relationship, enhancing the customer experience, guiding the journey, and creating better business opportunities.

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