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Promote your recruitment business with these social media posting tips

Hiring, recruiting, and placing the right operative in the correct role is the responsibility of a recruitment company, and it is big business. With the mass exodus of many people from the global job market during the Covid19 pandemic, companies are struggling to source talent to fill their business roles which means that recruitement companies are in high demand. However, even though businesses are increasingly turning to recruitment specialists to help them source labor and fill kep position, the sheer quantity of recruitment services is overwhelming. Suddenly it seem that everyone is a recruiter or a recruitment specialist and competition is fierce.

Promoting your business online can be a challenge and rising above the crowd can be tough – but not impossible. Here’s how you can do it.

Make use of interesting job posts

Not all jobs that need filling will be enticing or even interesting, but ones that are can be highlighted on your social media accounts. For people who are seeking work in the industry that you are recruiting for, an attention grabbing job can mean that they will approach your recruitement service to help them find gainful employment. It can also help you to get your job in front of those who are looking for work, or even attract passive candidates. Design an attractive post using relevant hashtag and encourage job seekers to contact you.

Use a marketing company

Recruiting is a busy job. There’s job posts to keep up with, calls to make, and applications to process. Even with software and automation tools there can be a ton of paperwork and good amount of human interaction needed to operate a successful recruiting company. On top of which, running job ads and managing clients can also eat away at your day meaning that there is just not enough hours left to manage your social accounts too. Consider using a marketing service to help you craft engaging content and keep your social channels updated. It is a fact that the recruitment business is highly competetive, so engaging the services of a professional marketing agency can help you target clients and job seekers more efficiently and come up with effective promotional ideas.

Encourage user content

Most recruitment companies will be measured by their success by both clients and candidates. So demonstrate your ability to source the perfect employee and showcase your high profile clients with user generated content. Posts of this type are a powerful marketing tactic that are used by many successful companies to share success stories and display customer satisfaction. Posts, reviews, or even short video clips send a compelling marketing message that can be shared across all of your social channels and views by potential clients.

Share success stories

Finding a good fit or recruiting for a specialised role is something worth sharing across your social channels. Demonstarting your skills and expertise within the industry by sharing good hires and placements shows how you can add value to your clients. This works especially well if the company recruited for is a recogniseable entity, and that doesn’t just mean global corporations. Companies that are well known in your local area can be just as powerful when it comes to conveying a positive marketing message.

Build your brand

One of the ways you can set your recruitment business apart from competitors is to define your brand. Showing who you are and what you do with a strong consistent message can help people to identify you as a leader in your market or industry. Brand recognition and brand building to create a solid identity can position your business to the right clients and help you to attract top employees. Define your mission and share your ethos clearly whether it is a strong belief in social recruiting or a system that is dedicated to excellence.

Market recruitment events

If your recruitment business regularly holds job fairs, recruiting events, or on-site open days then share these across social media channels. This one of the key ways recruitment businesses attract a pool of talent so spreading the word is essential. Share posts advertising the event, or post videos of past events to generate interest. If you can offer some freebies and giveaways for those who attend, then even better. Make full use of hashtags to widen your reach and ask your current followers to share your posts so that they are visible to more users.

Showcase staff

Keep your users engaged or encourage new sign ups by making a weekly or monthly staff feature. One way to set your recruitment business apart from the rest is to show the collective and individual skill sets of your recruitment team. This can bring a personal aspect to your business and create real relationships using your social accounts. Potential candidates will be able to learn about the team member they will be working with and sharing posts of this type adds a human aspect that is not possible by normal means. Recruiting for specific roles can be made easier and job seekers often gain a sense of personal connection once they know they will be working with Dave, the IT recruitment specialist.

Add a blog

There are literally hundreds of questions and queries asked by potential job seekers and having a blog will enable you to answer them. Using content writing to attract audiences works by targeting popular keywords and if done correctly can even gain you leads. Ending blog posts with a tempting call to action can entice users into sharing contact information like their name, email address and phone number. These can be used for outreach and marketing purposes but the content written can also be used to make social posts. Sentences, snippets, or statitics can all be repurposed to generate interesting social content.

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