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How Unified Communications can help your business

With an increased reliance on data-supported video communications like Zoom or Teams, it can be advantageous for companies to be able to keep track of everything by combining single digital channels into one. This unification of all sources can be made even easier by keeping everything in the cloud where it may be accessed as needed by multiple users or team members.

As well as making communication more manageable, Unified Communications or UC, can make interactions with customers, and between teams or departments much more efficient. For these reasons, the use of Unified Communication is growing among business users that want to provide a better solution to their clients and support efficiently across management teams.

Unified Communications combine software, systems, and services across multiple channels, using email, voice, messaging, file sharing, and video for better control and integration. UC services and products can be integrated with internal networks and customer systems for better tracking and visibility. Information can be viewed and accessed from a number of different devices and integrated productivity applications in a simple front-end interface.

What is the advantage of using UC?

With its ease of use and access, UC can provide business users with a far more organised approach to operations. Being able to connect mobile devices, desktops, and laptops across an entire company leads to improvements in work productivity. Client and customer communication may be performed easily and aligned with task management while being able to keep all information in a single location.

As many UC solutions are designed to create a simple approach to communications, easy adoption can be facilitated. Along with ease-of-use, enhanced connectivity creates convenience for team members who can use and access communications features from anywhere, using any device, provided they have an internet connection.

There are no limitations on the size of companies that can use UC. Large and small businesses everywhere are adopting UC technology as a way to improve and streamline their communication efforts. As well as simplifying communications, operations can be managed effectively and UC has the ability to scale easily as needed. This flexibility provides companies with a communication solution that can grow with increased business needs in a cost-effective manner.

Cloud-based unified communications (UCaaS) means that this flexibility can be leveraged to support business operations while maintaining the latest data, security, and updates to applications, along with providing users with the convenience of being able to select the capabilities needed for their business.

How does UC save time and money?

Companies using UC to create a simplified channel where all communications are handled have seen real benefits since implementing their system. For most businesses, spending less time on communications, and reducing resources spent on monitoring and tracking information, translates into a real cost saving.

Ease of use

UC has the benefit of being easy to use and therefore adopted quickly by users and staff members. Improved collaborations and communications between employees is supported by having easy access to all applications in one place. Calls can be easily switched to chat or converted into a video conference. In just a few clicks users can meet and share ideas in a dedicated collaboration space. These features can help to reduce time spend on unnecessary communications and maximise employee output.

Enhanced Security

With an increased number of people working from home, having communications systems that protect sensitive data and client information is more important than ever. In challenging environments, UCaaS provides a solution that is safe and secure. Softworx ensures all voice, video and data communication are fast and completely secure with data security and back-up, with interactive state-of-the-art audiovisual installations to deliver uninterrupted calls, meetings and provide cybersecurity every minute of every day.

Supports better collaboration

Communicating with other members of the organisation, team leaders, or clients is made easier with UC. No longer does every single participant need to be in the same room to hold an important meeting. Collaborative tools like video conferencing and group messaging mean that key people can be contacted simultaneously, no matter where their location. Web, video, or telephone conferences can be held ad hoc, and ideas or concepts shared over a stable UC connection.

Flexible Scaleability

Cloud-based UC solution can start small or large and flex up and down in line with demand. The ability to be agile is part of UC’s universal appeal. Organisations can tailor a solution that works for them and select only the components needed for their company. As an intelligent communication solution, it can be used to organise and manage connections and provide collaborative opportunities in a versatile yet structured environment. There is also no expensive outlay for needed components, as cloud-based services do not require investment in hardware or expensive equipment.

Streamlined communication

With the ability to integrate into productivity apps and interface with various systems, UC is designed to cut out unnecessary communication steps. Fast call transfer to other locations or connected hardware systems means that a UC powered platform can offer things like enhanced customer service, with fewer dropped calls and quicker resolution. For internal comms, tools like calendar sharing, virtual whiteboards, and voicemail that can be delivered and played on any device reduce lag time when receiving important information.

Does my business need UC?

Given the improved productivity, security, and integration capability of Unified Communications it could be argued that all businesses should have UC. With the enhanced security features on offer, it provides an extra layer of protection for customers and clients and facilitates information transfer between systems. As an all-around collaboration tool, the company staff and key members of the organisation can instantly connect when needed from any location.

Productivity and operational improvements are gained from a system that removes delays and availability issues, and being able to scale to fit any size organisation means that Unified Communications provide a flexible and adaptable solution.

Next steps

If you are considering using Unified Communications for your business get in touch with Softworx today. Learn how you can improve productivity while enhancing business security for your clients, and provide your employees and team members with better communications systems.

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