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How to market your White Label services

Using a white-label service to underpin your product offering is an effective way to provide services to end-users. In the case of marketing agencies, this gives companies not only the ability to expand product offerings but also to control their own profit margins.

However, to promote your services and attract buyers you will need to employ a good strategy to market your new white label services and start making sales or collecting subscriptions. Even though there are a good number of marketing agencies that advertise online, there are some things you can do to set your business apart.

Define your brand goals

Before starting any marketing strategy you will first want to determine what your brand goals are. Whether selling social media marketing or other services, this will create a roadmap that you can follow to assess whether your strategy is successful, and will guide you in the choices that you make. Defining your goals can be anything from the number of sales you want to make to the type of audience you want to market your services to. Whatever your goal is, make sure you define them clearly and then create actionable steps to work towards them. This can help you to stay on track and not lose sight of your goals as you get deeper into your business promotion.

Position your business

If brand goals determine where you want to be, then positioning your business can show who you want to be. Positioning will point your business towards the type of clients you want to attract. Maybe you want to sell to large enterprises only, or maybe your focus is on small business owners. Knowing your ideal client can help you tailor your marketing efforts to reach them. This is where a buyer persona can help you to identify the customers you need to reach, and successful businesses frequently have more than one buyer persona.

Create a value strategy

Not all companies have to be the biggest or the best to succeed. Your value strategy shows your customers what you do better than anyone else. It’s the reason that they should choose your service above all others. This value strategy or value proposition should show what they can gain from doing business with you. You might offer a faster turnaround time than any other company or have expertise that no other business can offer. Your UVP should be used as a large part of your marketing ads or social campaigns.

Connect with customers

Show your customers that you are engaged and care about what they say by actively creating a rapport with them. Social media channels are a great tool for this and some companies have built a loyal following just by being communicative. Post regularly and respond to comments and questions to open the lines of communication with your customers and market your white label services. This is a great way to build loyalty and establish an early relationship with your customers. Encouraging engament by asking customer’s opinions, using polls, and actively seeking user generated content which can be shared across social channel can widen your reach.

Use branding to promote your services

Make sure that your company is recognizable in the marketplace by using standardized colors and fonts, preferably that align with your business branding. This can help to create familiarity with your company and using the same colors and fonts repeatedly can help potential customers to remember and recall your business. It keeps your marketing agency high on buyer’s minds which means they come to you first when looking for help. Your branding can be incorporated into thing like PPC advertising, email marketing, and social media posts to create a uniform look across all of your communications.

Consider advertising

Even though advertising costs money it can provide a good return on investment when done correctly and you don’t have to have a huge budget to get started. While there are numerous search engines like Google or Bing that will post ads for you, there are also options on social media channels like Instagram and Twitter. Exploring different advertising channels can help you to find what works best for you, and using alternate advertising channels like Reddit or Quora can often yield positive results. Advertising is a huge topic with many different variable so it can take some practice before you get it right. Determine your advertising budget and then run some test ads to find out what is working, then scale up.

Build an email list

One of the most successful forms of marketing your white label services is by using email marketing. Build an email list as soon as you can and use it to maintain contact with those who are interested in your services. Email marketing is more effective than many other kinds of marketing, and with emails being delivered directly to an inbox, you know that they are reaching the right person. Along with promoting products and services, emails can be used to maintain customer contact, provide helpful information, or share blogs and newsletters. Use a lead magnet like a free ebook or guide to collect email addresses and communicate with your followers. Many email services offer a free account level to get you started and provide attractive email templates and tools to help you create engaging emails for your audience.

Final Words

Marketing your white label services doesn’t have to be complicated, but having a strategy and defining the value your business provides will help you to attract clients more effectively. Differentiation between your company and others in the marketplace can help to establish your business and promote the services that you offer in a unique way.

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