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How to make white label social media marketing work for your agency

Using a white label service to handle things like social media marketing and content writing has become a popular business model. Digital marketing agencies have the option of using external businesses like Smarcomms to handle their content design and provide professionally created posts seamlessly to their customers.

Making sure that the process runs smoothly and that the work provided meets the client’s specifications is in the best interests of both the marketing agency and the white label provider. Customer’s that are happy with the graphics or copywriting they are being sent will be more likely to purchase future services or commit to recurring subscriptions for longer.

So how do you ensure that everything is working as well as possible?

Have a good onboarding process

Fulfilling everything your customer wants can be helped greatly by having a solid onboarding process. This is the stage where you can gain insights into the client’s business, their goals, and the kind of challenges they are facing. Knowing what they are hoping to achieve can help you to provide services that closely match what they are looking for. You can also get information that allows you to understand their industry on a better level. A smooth onboarding process can tell you everything you need to know while assuring the client that they are working with a professional organization.

Share customer information

All the details that you gather can help the white-label service to understand what is needed. This doesn’t mean that you should turn over your entire customer database to an outside entity but things like design preferences, colours, fonts, and content style can be shared with your white label service. The better you can help your provider understand the work that is required, the better the quality is likely to be. It will also be more in line with the customer’s expectations helping to reduce the need for redoing work.

Use style or writing guides

During the discovery phase, you will learn a lot about your client business and the kind of things they are looking for. Some may wish to reach a wider audience, others may want to simply raise awareness of their products, Whatever their goal, style guides can be really useful in laying out the details about the visual aspects of the work. If you have a formal style guide or writing brief it can be helpful to share this information with your white label service.

Set expectations

When working with a white label service, not only will they need to understand the type of business or industry they are supplying work for, but some basic expectations will need to be covered. This could include, how many posts or articles are needed a week, or a month. When they should be delivered. Or what kind of topics should be included or avoided. This can help you to provide work that meets the customer’s expectations fully.

Keep communication open

Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your white label service can be beneficial to both sides. It allows both of you to ask questions and get the answers you need. Information sharing can help you to build a better product together. As you are collaborating on developing and supplying items to the end user like social posts or blogs, having better communication will support the process.

Provide feedback

Part of the communication process is relaying or giving feedback. This could be your own or the clients, but providing constructive feedback especially in the early days of working with a white label company, can help to improve the work they are providing. Tweaks, adjustments, or requested alterations should all be communicated clearly to close the loop, facilitate continuous improvement, and generate posts or articles that the client will love. The white label service is not just working for you, they are actually working with you to fulfil customer needs, so strive to make a partnership rather than just being a company that is hiring a service provider.

Keep on track with branding

While company logos, colors, and other design elements are an important part of a client’s identity, there are other aspects of branding that you should consider. If the business you are working with has a specific agenda in mind or is deeply committed to a social cause it should be kept in mind when creating any content. You will need to monitor work provided by your white label service to make sure it doesn’t inadvertently oppose or clash with your customer’s business ethos.

Understand the invoicing process

Like all business services, white label companies will need to be paid for the work they perform on your behalf. Take a moment to check and understand the invoicing and payment process. While this may seem like a complete no-brainer it is amazing how many marketing service forget to set up payment or provide an invoice. This can lead to huge problems if your white label service ceases to provide work due to non-payment. It disrupts operations for you and your client so ist best to get this set up in the beginning to avoid problems.


Partnering with a white label service provider can be really lucrative for both parties. However, the amount of success achieved will depend upon the efficiency of the initial set-up and following the points listed in this article. When managed correctly, it can be a profitable endeavor for both the marketing agency and the white label service as the work provided to the customer checks all the boxes, attains the prescribed goals, and exceeds customer expectations. All this leads to recurring or future business, good reviews, and higher profits.

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