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How to inject more fun into your social media business accounts

Take a quick look at your favorite company’s social media accounts and you will notice that they all have a presence on one or more social platforms. Social media management varies dramatically from company to company and some do an excellent job of posting refreshing content and keeping followers engaged. Others, unfortunately, can sometimes look unexciting and even appear a bit dry; which doesn’t do much to attract new users.

Here is how you can keep your accounts fun an engaging

Use filters and graphics

Keep photos and images upbeat and attractive by using the filters and tools included with your social accounts. Even the dullest posts can be spiced up by using vivid filters, stickers, or graphics, especially if they come with some animated features. Highlight parts of your post or add flashing words to your images and make content that is more likely to spark interest.

Be informative

Latest news, updates, and developments to keep your followers up to speed are a great way to generate interest and excitement, or create a buzz around your business and its activities. One of the main reason that people follow business account is so that they are first to be in the know about features and developments, so post new happenings frequently.

Make it interactive

People like to get involved so make your content interactive by sharing things like posts from other users and content generated by your customers. This is a great way to show other users recommended products or services that other people are using and enjoying and can go a long way to creating more interest and sales.

Answer questions

Assuming you know your business well, you will be aware of things like typical questions and common issues which arise. Use you social media to keep followers aware of issues or common pitfalls and explain how they can be avoided. You can even encourage other customers to share their own experiences and fixes.

Give stuff away

Reward your followers by periodically giving away free swag. Make it even more fun by creating a content or a quiz that followers can participate in. This is a great way to hold your followers interest and encourage better levels as social sharing as they spread the word through their own accounts.

Run flash sales

Time-limited deals and on-off sales are a compelling reason for people to click ‘follow’ on your social media pages. Knowing that special offers and deals will periodically offers can be a compelling reason for people to follow and stay connected with your social pages. Flash sales can be special products offers or deals and discounts that will be enticing to your followers.

Post staff bios

Share information about your employers to create a real connection with followers. It doesn’t have to be limited to business either, share posts about your staff’s pets or show off photos of out of work activities that your employees engage in like snowboarding or sailing. This can be a great way to humanize your business and show the fun, personal side of the people who work within your company.

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