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How to add a 6 figure white label social media service to your agency

Setting up a marketing agency is a popular business model for companies to provide social media management services to all types of industries. If you operate your own marketing agency then you may already have a healthy client list that brings in substantial revenue. But for those organizations that wish to scale beyond their current capacity and grow into an agency that generates 6 figures, it poses the question of how to do it.

Handling the kind of volume that a million-dollar agency manages means that the work will need to be closely monitored to ensure customer deadlines and requirements are being met. For many agencies, using a white-label service to handle the output is the solution. Outsourcing in this way allows content to be created by a team of behind the scenes professionals in a seamless process for your client. It frees up time, allowing you as the agency owner, to focus on tasks like client management or acquisition.

Expanding at scale will require some other things too, here are some things that will need attention if your agency is to achieve 6 figure status.

Choose your industry

It can be tempting to provide a whole host of services to every industry on the planet. While this may work for smaller agencies, larger companies tend to narrow their range and specialise in specific industries. Providing services to a smaller business segment and refining their service offerings. Trying to cover multiple business types or industries can actually become confusing to the customer, leaving them unclear about who you are and what you do. Find your market niche and position yourself as an expert in that field. It can pay much better dividends than catering to everyone.

Know your buyer

To sell successfully, you need to understand who you are selling to. Buyer personas are a great way of identifying your customers and gaining insights into their wants, needs, and motivators. The more that you can learn about what drives your customer, the better you can tailor your product offerings to them. Buyer personas are used by major companies for this reason, and you do not have to limit to just one, you may have multiple buyer personas for different segments of your business. This will help you to create content, design blogs, and create email marketing campaigns that are targeted to each buyer segment. Helping you to generate more business.

Create targeted content

For your own social media, you will want to make sure it resonates with your potential clients. Make social posts, or even blog articles that speak to your audience. That means content that is on point and on-brand. Your content needs to reflect who you are and what you offer as an agency. Demonstrating how you can help your customer and displaying knowledge about their wants and problems can position you as an authority that understands their specified set of challenges. As well as creating confidence in your agency, this can give you a prime opportunity to communicate directly with potential clients in the form of responding to posted comments and questions.

Consider PPC ads

Growing a marketing agency into a 6 figure company does not happen overnight. It will take hard work and consistency. To reach your desired audience you may need to consider an advertising budget and create highly targeted pay-per-click ads to attract customers. A well thought out marketing campaign can increase interest and drive conversions. Providing you with leads and sign-ups to your services. It may be worth hiring a PPC expert to ensure that you get the best return on ad spend and avoid money-wasting pitfalls.

Charge appropriately

A 6-figure agency will need to build a reputation for being a professional and knowledgeable operation. While running an agency means charging for social media services , it may be time to look at your product offerings. No one will take a high ticket agency seriously we are a low cost SMM agency offering services to all industries so this could be viewed to be talking down on our own service, so review your package pricing and as a guideline make sure it is in line with what other professional marketing agencies are charging.

Hire the right expertise

Having the right staff in place can create the right customer experience for your clients. While outsourcing content creation to a white label social media service can save time and expense, there may be other positions that you need to hire for. Sales, marketing, customer liaison, accounting staff and other parts of your business may benefit from having the right people in place. Providing quality social content is one thing, but you will also need to manage the customer journey from start to finish to create a positive experience and retain clients.

Prioritize customer service

One of the biggest failings of any business is the level of customer service. Good communication, trustworthy and honest information, and rapid response times all give your customer confidence in your agencies abilities. Failure to respond or communicate effectively is one of the fastest ways to lose business. Technology can help in this area, while client-facing staff may be needed to handle larger items, many smaller questions or items can be handled by using chat-bots to provide instant answers. As your client list beings to grow you will also need to consider a CRM (customer relationship management)system and accounting systems to manage customers and track things like questions, outstanding payments, or non-renewals.

Final words

Growing your agency to a 6 figure organization isn’t easy, but with the right business plan, it is completely possible. Having the correct resources in place like a Smarcomms white label social media service is essential to support your product offerings. Investing time in reading, training, and relevant courses can supply you with the latest knowledge and business techniques that you can leverage to improve your marketing agency services. Staying at the forefront of industry trends and emerging technology can also help you to maintain an edge as an agency owner.

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