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How bloggers can benefit from using white label services

If you operate your own blog, or make a living contributing to someone else’s, then you will most likely spend a large portion of your time marketing your content. Along with writing blogs and designing articles for a number of different topics, bloggers need to constantly attract and communicate with new audiences. Driving traffic to your blog helps your content gain visibility, shares, and comments, and while this is positive, it all takes time.

How do bloggers make money?

Most professional content writers make their money in a few different ways.
These can include:

  1. Selling writing services
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Ad revenue

There are a few subsections of these three money making choices, like developing courses to sell on your website, but largely, revenue-generating options circle around the 3 items listed. For those who can leverage the correct balance of creating engaging content, search engine optimization, and promotional outreach – there is money to be made. In fact, some of the most successful writers make thousands of dollars every single month.

Time constraints faced by bloggers

Being dedicated to creating an income from writing and managing a website isn’t as easy as it first sounds. Expert bloggers who make their sole income from their work have to manage a multitude of things.

There’s the content management and the need to consistently come up with new ideas, and things like on-page and technical seo can take up a huge amount of time. Images need to be sourced, alt text needs to be added, and keywords and meta-descriptions have to be on point if the article is going to rank in search.

On top of all that, messages and comments from followers have to be managed, and then there’s your own marketing to think about. Posting on Twitter, making eye-catching images for Instagram, and generating engaging long form posts for Linkedin all adds up to a huge time drain.

Content marketing is made up of many different facets, and if your blog is going to be successful, you need to keep up with many different channels.

How can white label services help?

White label agencies are designed to help companies and individuals maximize their time while reducing their workload. It is a popular business models used by companies who wish to keep their marketing channels like blogs and social media platforms, updated with fresh, engaging content.

White label providers work behind the scenes to generate on brand content or write industry specific articles that connect with the businesses audience. While this might seem like cheating to some bloggers, especially those who have made a living by providing advice or help to their audience, it is actually a viable way of keeping a steady stream of content flowing.

If you are a blogger who has a substantial amount of followers then you will already know that your audience expects to see updates regularly, if not on a schedule. White label services can help you to keep up with the demands and expectations of your fans.

What services do white label agencies provide?

If you are a blogger who is considering using the services of a white label provider then you may be wondering what you can expect. One of the primary concerns for bloggers is producing content that maintains their own specific tone of voice and remains completely on brand. The good news is that a professional white label service provider will work with you to achieve that goal, so that any content produced sounds or looks just like you have created it.

With the capability to share data, most white label services will provide the option to upload things like logos, images, and brand content, to a file or database. The information or photos that you upload can then be used when creating content or graphics to just as it would if you were doing it yourself.

The concept of white label services is that the work delivered should be indistinguishable from your own and can be presented to clients or shared on your website seamlessly. This can help to free up a ton of time, and bloggers who use white label services to ‘ghostwrite’ for them or to manage their social media accounts benefit from being able to turn their attention to other important business matters, like nurturing new clients or building profitable relationships.

The kind of services that you can expect a white label company to supply include:

White label content writing

White label companies will have writers on hand to help generate engaging blog posts and articles. Wriiten content is not only limited to blogs, white label companies often provide an entire range of content writing services for things like use cases, emails, newsletters, and ad copy. Web pages and landing pages that need copywriting can be manage by white label providers.

White label social media marketing

One of the primary white label services offered is social media marketing. If you have ever managed your own content calendar then you will know that the need for fresh content is constant, unrelenting, and sometimes even a bit tedious. To manage the high content demands companies and frequently, other bloggers, are leveraging the expertise and design abilities of outside providers to keep up with content needs.

White label social account growth

Establishing a brand presence can be crucial, especially for new bloggers, so for that reason, social account growth is a service often offered by white label businesses. It is unadvisable to buy followers from online companies; the are usually low quality and can hurt your social accounts more than help them. But an account growth package from a white label company will focus on connecting your social account with active and engaged followers from the geographic locations that you serve.

White label PPC ads

Some white label agencies make their whole offering about ads, other offer it as a bolt-on service. EIther way, it can be a handy add on to have available if you’re considering using paid advertising to promote yourself. Ads are typically managed using a preset budget and the white label company will generate ad creatives and copy if needed.

Benefits of using white label services

For those with heavy content demands like bloggers who need to post articles regularly, or keep social media accounts active, white label services can help to reduce the heavy work burden. Outsourcing work to a white label service can:

Reduce stress

The stress associated with running a busy blog and generating content on demand can get harder to manage as readership grows and the number of followers increases. Finding and hiring a good white label company can remove the pressure of creating every pieces of content on your own, and many bloggers choose to outsource some, or all of their content writing to an outsourced agency.

Save time

Having a white label service handle all of your content needs frees up a huge amount of time for bloggers who may wish to focus their energy on other parts of the business, or even dedicate so hours to generating new business or exploring different income-making opportunities. With the flexibility provided by using a white label services, time restrictions are removed, leaving hours free to focus on new ventures.

Maximize income

A consistent flow of content posted on a regular schedule can help bloggers to maintain a good flow of income, especially if your money comes from paid advertising or affiliate marketing. Earning revenue in this way is dependent on traffic hit to your website or blog pages, so keeping your site fresh and updated is critica. New content and a volume of content also provides more opportunities to rank in search, attracting new traffic, and content can be repurposed to social media accounts to entice even more new followers.

Manage workload

If you already pay for writers to create work for you then using a white label provider may be more efficeint than paying for individual content creators. Agencies typically employ a number of creative professionals and may be able to handle higher workloads than individual writers. Work that travels through high peaks and low dips may not be manageable by single copywriters who may either seek work elsewhere when volume is low, or not be able to keep up with demand when it is high. If the work flow is erratic and moves from high to low demand, then a white label company will easily be able to help you keep up with fluctuations.

Create consistency

If you need 2 blogs a week, 1 a day, or 6 a month, your white label provider will be able to help you keep up with requirements. The same is true for social media services. If you require posts and graphics to be uploaded on a schedule, this is something that your white label provider can manage for you. Allowing you to focus only on responding to comments and questions on your posts.

Improve retention rates

With the ability to focus more attention on clients and serve the content that they are searching for, using a white label service can actually help with retention rates. You can spend more time assessing what is working, and digging into analytics to tailor your content to the areas that are getting the best results. Being able to effectively target the topics or the subjects that your audience is seeking can mean that they stick around longer.

Raise average order value

For bloggers who make a living from providing content writing services for others, average order value will be a metric that you no doubt, are aware of, even if it is not one that you track. The amount of money that a client spends, or pays for services on your site may increase by using a white label agency. From landing on your page to making a purchase you will have the freedom to track the customer journey and make tweaks or adjustments that will generate better results.

Are white label services expensive?

While some of this may sound great, it might have you wondering how much all these benefits will cost you. Well, not as much as you might think. Most white label companies need to keep costs in line to remain competitive, and many will offer different plans and service levels to suit your needs. Some companies will allow you to upscale and downscale, moving between different levels and pricing plans as your business needs rise and fall.

This is a huge help for managing costs and keeping business expenditure in line. It is also worth noting too that the cost of using white label services is relative. When you consider the amount of time saved, with those hours being directed to areas like client acquisition, average order value, and retention, the cost of outsourcing to a white label company is relatively low.

How to find a good white label service provider

There are dozens of white label service providers to choose from. Just do a quick search online and your will be presented with plenty of options. The key is to find one that is right for you. If you have associates, colleagues, or other companies that you work with it may be asking them for a referral. If that us not a possibility then you will need to do your research and check things like reviews and testimonials.

Check the service offerings of any white label providers you are thinking about using. Some agencies specialise in different areas like SEO or paid advertising. As you will need content development, social media services, and possibly even account growth then you will need to find a white label company that focuses on those things. Otherwise, you will be wasting your money. One you have found a suitable white label business, check their website and look for use cases, and work samples to see the quality of content being produced.

Final words

As a business solution, white label service providers can take a lot of stress away for bloggers who produce high volumes of content. Not having to be bound to a writing schedule or committed to generating a set number or social posts each week can be liberating, and many bloggers have incorporated using white label services into their business. Briefs and outlines can be submitted and blogs returned which are properly formatted and ready to post. From a cost and time saving standpoint the ability to outsource work in this manner is a huge boon to bloggers.

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