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Henry Earle-A’Hern (CEO & Founder)
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Hello 👋

Congratulations on joining Smarcomms as a new customer! 🎉

Right now, as you read this, our team is hard at work setting up your new Smarcomms account.

We’re thrilled to have you with us.

The decision you just made means that:

You’ll NEVER have to spend hours a day worrying about creating effective social media content


You’ll NEVER have to worry about your customers choosing competitors because your online presence looks inactive and unprofessional.


You’ll NEVER have to waste thousands of dollars on other agencies for the exact same social media management service.

Instead it means that…


You CAN focus on your business with 10+ extra hours every week for the important stuff


You CAN finally surpass your competitors with a professional social media presence.


You CAN sleep easy knowing that your social media pages are handled for less that you’d normally spend at Starbucks on cappuccinos

You Now Have Access To A Done For You Service That Will Free Up Valuable Time For You To Focus On Your Business…

Since launching Smarcomms way back in 2016 we’ve had over 8,000 customers from around the world.

Here are a few of our success stories below pulled from Google:

LaTia Went From Struggling To Find Time For Social Media To Complete Peace Of Mind That It Is Being Handled For Her On Autopilot

Fabienne Struggled To Share Social Media Content Consistently Before Finding Smarcomms

Alicia Was Delighted That She Could Stop Worrying About Social Media And Finally Focus On Her Business

Jen Had One Of Her Best Experiences With Smarcomms And The Increase In Brand Awareness We Generated

Casondra Was So Overloaded With Tasks On Her Plate, Until She Found Our ‘Done For You’ Service…

All You Have To Do Is Sit Back And Relax, We’ll Take Care Of The Content And Free Up Your Time

I understand what it’s like to run a small business and wanted to make Smarcomms the most streamlined and easy way to get the result you want…

But There Was A Problem…

You see, out of our 8000+ customers, only a small percentage would use their new free time to get the new sales they needed.

It had NOTHING to do with the quality of their products or services…

It pains me to say that, but it’s the truth…

We Had Saved Our Customers So Much Time, But They Still Could Not Generate Enough Sales In Their Business…

Our task was simple…

How Do We Make It Crazy Easy For Our Customers To Also Generate Hundreds Of Leads For Their Businesses?

In this situation, other agencies would offer their top tier, high ticket, super premium advertising services that cost $20,0000 a month and you’re locked in for 12 months…

I just knew this would NEVER work for our customers at Smarcomms…

Everything we do is designed for the small business owner trying to make their way, and there’s no way they would spend that much nor should they!

So How Can We Make This Process So Easy, Simple AND AFFORDABLE That All Small Business Owners Can Generate HUNDREDS OF LEADS AND SALES Every Month?

One of the team members said…

“Why Don’t We Just Set Up A Lead Generation Campaign With Facebook Ads For Them?”

Most of the team’s immediate response was that it would be too expensive and difficult to manage.

Not to mention that we would make close to zero in profit with this kind of offer.

Then we remembered what we were trying to do with Smarcomms.

We wanted to help Small Business Owners to save time and get access to the level of marketing and sales that usually only big businesses can afford.

So we spent 1 month putting together the processes, systems and procedures for something that the industry has never seen before…

That’s When We Came Up With The
Done-For-You Facebook
Ads Setup Service

Everyone I told about the idea said I was crazy…

I was starting to believe it as well.

But I was confident in our systems, processes and procedures.

I knew that we could deliver an amazing Facebook Ads Setup Service service for a fraction of the cost everyone else charges.

So we did a small test on 20 of our customers.

The response was INSANE, we had customers literally queuing up to have us run their ads!

The result?

Those that got the done-for-you Facebook Ads Setup Service are getting results like you wouldn’t believe.

I’m talking HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of high-quality leads every single month!

After successfully completing our test we were confident that we could deliver a high-quality Facebook Ads Lead Gen service for a fraction of the cost.

How Would You Like To Let Us Do Everything For You So You Can Get High Quality Leads In Less Than A Week?

…That’s right…

We will set up and start a Facebook lead generation campaign for you in less than a week from now.

This isn’t templates, cheat sheets or blueprints.

It’s me and my team actually building the whole campaign for you…

Let Me Explain To You How It Works And How We’ll Manage The Entire Process For You

We will build you a high-converting Facebook lead generation campaign using the same framework we used to build Smarcomms into a 7 figure business.

You don’t have to lift a finger.

We take care of the ENTIRE PROCESS FOR YOU.

I’ve lost track of how many Facebook Ads campaigns we’ve built.

But I can easily say it’s in the 100’s.

The reality is, we know what works and what doesn’t work.

We are enabling you to refocus on what you do best, running your business.

start here

We’ll Setup Your Ad Campaign From Start To Finish And Generate You Leads Forever

Assign An Advertising Specialist To Your Account

We will assign one of our experienced 7 figure Facebook advertisers to your ad campaign. This person will be highly experienced in running successful campaigns in your industry.

Analyze Competition

We will analyze what your top competitors and similar businesses are doing with their advertising. By discovering what ad campaigns are already driving the most profit within your market, we will ensure your own campaign comes out of the gate successful.

Ad Creation

Develop highly profitable Facebook ads. We will write the headlines and ad copy, design the graphic, and create the ad sets for your campaign.

Select Budget & Launch 🚀

We’ll send you the campaign for review before launch. You also can select what budget you would like to spend on ads – we recommend at least $10 per day to start with. Remember, you can turn off the campaign at any stage.

Results: Get Leads For As Little As $5 each

The leads will start coming in immediately. The cost per lead will vary depending on your industry, but the average across our customer base is $5 per lead.

Why Get The Done-For-You Ad Setup Service?

As a business owner, you’ve likely experienced the frustrations of running ads. You know how it feels to:


Waste hours crafting the perfect creatives and copy just to get poor results


Waste $$$$ on the latest ad training just to end up with poor results


Fall into the trap of hiring a slick marketing agency that delivers nothing

With The Done For You Ads Setup Service, You’ll:


Unlock rapid growth with our 7 figure advertisers who have generated over $2million from Facebook.


Generate READY TO BUY leads for as little as $5 each in some industries – you have total control over how much you want to spend on ads.


Invest ONE TIME and get leads forever! There are ZERO monthly fees.

Every Business Problem Is Easily Solved With More Revenue…

You Generate Revenue From More Customers…
You Get More Customers From Generating Leads…

All Of This Can Be Yours For Just A Small One Time Investment That Will Result In A Potentially Life-Changing Transformation In Your Business

By signing up for our ad setup service, you’ll be getting a 7 figure media buyer with over 6 years of advertising experience to set up your Facebook Lead Generation campaign and hand it over to you.

Feel the same sense of relief and renewed passion that I did when I finally unlocked the secret to creating winning ads.

Don’t just take our word for it! We have testimonials from hundreds of satisfied customers on our site and Google My Business profile.

Here’s What You’ll Get With The Done-For-You Facebook Ads Setup Service

Ad Setup ($2,997 Value)

Our Done For You Ad Set Up includes several valuable components. You will receive 1 professionally crafted ad creative, 1 ad copy, and up to 10 ad headlines to split test.


Our $2 million advertisers will create your campaign from scratch


Save time – our advertisers have 40 years of combined experience


Boost profits – no monthly fees that eat into your profit margins

Ad Creative ($497 Value)

Once the intake form is filled in, we’ll start work immediately and craft a compelling ad creative for your business. Once the ad creative is ready we will send it over to you for review before starting the campaign.


1 ad creative


Conversion focused ad creatives from our 50+ graphic designers


Unique design aligned with your branding

Ad Copy And Headlines ($997 Value)

Once the intake form is filled in, we’ll start work immediately and craft a compelling ad copy and headlines for your business. Once the ad copy and headlines are ready we will send them over to you for review before starting the campaign.


1 persuasive ad copy written by our elite copywriters


Dominate your industry with up to 10 attention grabbing headlines


Conversion focused ad copy tailored to your target audience

Laser-Targeted Ads ($397 Value)

Our account managers will conduct extensive research before the setup to ensure your ads are only being shown to your dream customers.

Comprehensive audience research and analysis

Laser-Targeting demographics, interests, and behavioural data

Conversion focused ad copy tailored to your target audience

There are only 2 ways to get your business the leads and sales it needs…

Use the 10+ hours a week we have saved you to learn marketing and advertising yourself…. this could take 1-5 years.


Let us set up your Facebook Lead Generation campaign for a one time fee, and get leads forever.

The Facebook Ads Setup Service Comes With Everything You Need to Start Generating A Consistent Flow Of Leads For Your Business…

More importantly it means you will have a MASSIVE SHORTCUT compared to your competitors.

Everything will change for you once we implement the Facebook Ads Set up Service – and from what I just outlined you know you can do this for sure…

You will never have to worry or stress again about where your next lead is coming from because the Facebook Ads Set Up Service will generate leads for as long as you keep it on.

No matter what industry you are in… even if you think this couldn’t possibly work for yours… you need the Facebook Ads Set Up Service.

Because The Facebook Ads Setup Service Is The Only Way I

Can Ensure You The Leads That Your Business Needs

So That You Can Focus On What You Do Best… Running Your Business

Also, and I don’t mean to put pressure on you, but this offer is priced insanely low and I like to reward quick thinking and quick action.

And for that reason, the Facebook Ads Setup service is only available from this page

Once you click out, you strike out on your opportunity to get this service.

Now you see why it was so important that you watched the video until the end…

This decision about whether to get the Facebook Ads Set Up Service could make or break your business success.

So now the question is…

What is that worth to you?

What are thousands of ready to buy leads worth to you?

What if the Facebook Ads Setup service generated so many leads for your business that you could focus all your attention on the fun stuff?

What if you could finally take a step away from the business and spend more time with your family?

I can tell you what I paid and what it’s worth to me…

I Spent 7 Years Of My Life And Generated $2.1m+ In Sales To Create This Low Cost Facebook Ads Set Up Service So That You Can Get The Results Usually Only The Big Businesses Can Afford

I did all of the hard work and figured everything out so you don’t have to…

What’s your time worth?

And what’s just 1 new sale worth to your business?

I can’t answer that for you, but what I can do is tell you what I paid and what generating a consistent stream of leads and sales is worth to me…

It was well worth the 7 years of hard work and worth well over double the $50,000 I have spent on training and mentorship…

So If The Facebook Ads Setup Service Got You Just A Fraction Of The Leads And Sales We Generate Every Month…

That means it would easily be worth $3,000 at bare minimum….

…that seems like a deal right?

Yeah , but we’re not here to do deals…

We’re here to help you get where you need to go…

So even if you paid half of that – that would make it worth $1,500…

Since I made it for your benefit it might make sense to charge these prices because between the cost of testing it, figuring it all out, creating it, organizing it, and assembling the right team to implement it..

As you can see, it’s not cheap,…

And we thought long and hard about this…

On One Hand, We Want Everyone Of Our Customers To Have It.
We Want To Make it Free…

On the other hand….we can’t stay in business by just giving everything away…

We have costs of 7 figure Facebook advertisers to pay, software bills, support and there’s the risk of opening competition to our own existing high paying customers…

We thought long and hard about charging $1,500

Knowing full well you can get all your money back from the leads we generate in the first month.

It seemed like a fair price.

But then we thought more about how much you are in need of something like this

And how we have always tried to bring the most value at the lowest possible cost in this industry

So we settled on $997.

$997 it was.

For a time.

Then We Thought We Could Do Better…

We chopped the price again.

To $750

And then one more final chop to just

Just $497

That’s it!

Just A $497

One Time Payment

For the Facebook Ads Setup Service

Our Done For You Ad Set Up includes several valuable components. You will receive 1 professionally crafted ad creative, 1 ad copy, and up to 10 ad headlines to split test.


Ad Setup: Our $2 million advertisers will create your campaign from scratch ($2,997 Value)


Ad Creative: Stand out from the competition with eye-catching ads ($497 Value)


Ad Copy And Headlines: Dominate your industry with conversion focused ad copy ($997 Value)


Laser-Targeted Ads: Advanced audience targeting ($397 Value)

Yes, please add this to my order

Clicking this will add $497 to your purchase

And what’s better

It’s Completely Guaranteed

Try this out on our dime.

Try it for a full 14 days.

If you don’t get actual results you can see in your business

Or if you don’t feel this Facebook Ads Setup Service generated enough leads..

Or if you’re not happy for any other reason at all.

Send us an email to

And you will get every penny back.

We won’t ask you why.

We won’t ask you a single question.

Your info is confidential so I won’t even know about it.

You’ll just get every penny back.

Right back to your credit card..

In Fact, I’ll Even Double The Guarantee Right Now… You Can Keep The Facebook Campaign Free Of Charge If For Whatever Reason You Decide To Get a Refund

How’s that for believing in this and believing in your ability to achieve success with this…

There’s a button below.

That button is your key to guaranteed success.

That button is your key to having the business you’ve always wanted.

That’s your key to freedom….

That’s your key to a better life.

So Click That Button Right Now And Your Account Will Automatically Be Upgraded To Include The Facebook Ads Setup Service…

A 7 figure Facebook Advertiser will be assigned to your account immediately and within 7 days we will have your campaign ready for review and generating hot leads for your business.

If you really think about this..

It’s just $8 a day over the course of 2 months.

And this campaign will generate leads FOREVER as long as you don’t turn it off.

Many of you will spend more than that on coffee today.

But instead of investing in making some coffee CEO rich.

Start investing in your own business.

Skip the coffee.

And invest in you.

You’ve Got Options.
I Should Let You Know.

You can spend the next few years learning about marketing and advertising.


You can eventually realize that you need a professional advertiser in a few years and end up paying $3,000+ PER MONTH instead of a small one time fee.


You can do nothing and stay where you are.


Or you can invest less than $500 in your business and your future… and start generating leads at a fraction of the cost 99.99% of advertisers will charge you.

If You’re Truly Committed To The Success Of Your Business. It’s Not Even A Decision For You.
You Know Exactly What To Do

You know you need to click that button below and the rest is done.

Click the button now and lock in your business success.

Click the button now and focus on the fun parts of your business.

Click the button now and eliminate all the stress of scrambling around to find new leads.

Click the button now and try it out for 14 days before you even decide.

For whatever reason. And for every reason.

Click the button now. And upgrade your order.

And I’ll see you on the inside.




Yes, please add this to my order

Clicking this will add $497 to your purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the done for you ad setup service?

Our done for you ads setup service is a service where we setup a lead generation campaign for you in Facebook that will generate highly targeted leads for your business. It is not a coaching service or a consultation package.

Which platform would we be advertising on?

Facebook and/or Instagram.


How is the done for you ad setup service different from others?

The absolute minimum fee you can expect from other agencies for the exact same service we are offering today is $2,000 or 10% of ad spend (whichever is great). This is a minimum industry standard. We are going above and beyond to provide our customers with an affordable way to get high quality leads for their business.


How do I get started?

To get started, simply click the sign up button on this page, you will be charged immediately and then taken into your client portal area to complete the intake form. A reminder that this is a limited offer and will not be available again if you decide to leave this page without signing up.

How long does the ad setup process take?

Within 7 working days of you completing the intake form, we will have your ads ready for review. Please submit the intake form immediately after signing up to avoid delays.

Will I have control over my ad campaigns and spend?

Yes, with this service you retain full control over your ad campaigns. We will make suggestions on budgets, but it is completely your choice regarding how much you spend.

I’ve never ran Facebook ads before, will this work for me too?

Yes! Our service is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and experience levels with advertising.

Do you provide ongoing support after the initial setup?

This is a 1 month ad setup service. From the date that you sign up, we will be available to assist you with your ads for 1 month in total.

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