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Expert client acquisition tips for your white-label social media business

If you or your marketing agency have recently become a reseller of social media management services, you will know that it is a viable and cost-effective business model. Reselling services from a white-label provider is an easy and hands-off way of doing business.

The content design and posts are crafted on your behalf and supplied to the end customer in a seamless process. Many end users have no idea that the work is outsourced and work performed offsite leaves you free to focus on income generation, channeling your energy into client management and acquisition.

Getting customers is vital if your white label business is to be successful, so here are some ways that you can present your services to entice more paying customers.

Show them the competition

All businesses have competitors, that is just a fact of life, and for most companies, the drive to ‘outdo’ other companies in the same industry is a highly motivating factor. A powerful marketing tool can be to gather data and statistics on competitor accounts, showing your potential client the success that is being achieved by maintaining an active social presence.

This information can be used to demonstrate areas like market reach, account growth, and customer engagement, showing your potential white-label customer the kind of success they can expect by having their social accounts managed professionally by your agency.

Explain the potential

There are a ton of reports available online that break down social media use. Many of these will detail things like the number of active monthly users, total platform users, and projected growth. More than 60% of organizations pointed out a positive impact on revenue growth by having a robust social media presence. Not surprising when you consider that almost two-thirds of people use social media to search for content.

Companies like Instagram, Linkedin, and TikTok are seeing highly positive growth with new users signing up and accounts being created every single day. Even with the huge amount of information available, consumers can still be skeptical about social media. Some believe it takes too much time to maintain, others are dubious about the return on investment that it will yield. As a white label social media provider you have a great opportunity to dispel these myths.

Audience insights

Give your customer some key insights into audience behaviors. Show them that their target audience does indeed follow and interact with other businesses’ social accounts. Demonstrate how your marketing agency can help them attract and engage their users to make them come over to their social platforms and expand their user base.

Highlight how things like professional content and targeted posts can be appealing to their audience, and show them how keeping their account feeds healthy and active is beneficial to their business. Using metrics you can even design informative graphs based on actual numbers to show things like projected account growth over a 3 to 6 month time period.

Different platforms provide various analytics that give insight into competitors behavior so use the data to your advantage. Showing your new custimer how and where to find their audience can be useful too, this make things like cross selling and upselling across social platfroms much easier.

Take it viral

Nothing is more appealing on social media than the power of viral content. Connect with some accounts in the same industry and show your customer how just one post gained thousands of followers and hundreds of comments. Help them to understand that content done right has the potential to achieve exponential growth and lead to wider exposure of their business. Share with them the unique way that viral content can propel their social accounts to an entirely new level.

The more views, clicks, and shares a post receives, the wider audience it will reach. This can take recognition of the brand into a whole new dimension and make a previously unknown company into a business powerhouse with the potential to attract hundreds of leads and customers.

Talk analytics

Customers like results and the more measurable those results are, the better. Explain to your customer how metrics and analytics work. You can highlight the capabilities across different platforms of things like built-in analytical tools to measure performance and engagement.

If deeper insights are required show them how software like Google Analytics can be integrated to measure all kinds of useful statistics and user activity. With data that can show quantifiable results, your customer will feel much more reassured that your marketing agency can provide results that can be tracked.

Show them the numbers

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for customers is cost. So show them how your white-label social media services can make or save them money. This can be done in different ways. Numbers can be presented that demonstrate real cost savings as your customer won’t need to spend valuable time or hire someone to manage their social media accounts.

Alternatively, showing them how using a social media service can make money is also a powerful sales tool. Projections that show things like expected interactions, leads, and conversions can be enough to convince a potential customer to take the plunge.

Choosing a good white label partner

Reselling white-label social media services is a business of two parts.

  • Part 1: Customer acquisition
  • Part 2: White label services

Each part is dependent on the other for a white-label reseller to achieve success. You can have excellent white-label service but without clients, you will not see much in the way of profits. If you have a good pipeline of customers but the white-label provider isn’t doing their part, you will soon lose business.

So what do you need to look for in a white-label partner?

Look for an established white label company

This is not to say that newer companies can’t be good, but it may be best to find a provider who has been supplying white-label services for a number of years. These businesses have already dealt with the problems and pitfalls associated with providing social media services and should be able to provide you with a smooth and unrestricted process. Something that is incredibly important if you are to keep your end customers happy.

White-label companies who have been in operation for some time will understand the requirements and expectations and should have a team of people in place to manage the necessary work. They will know what is needed to handle workloads and be able to effectively meet customer orders and meet delivery times.

Check reviews and feedback

Look for online reviews, testimonials, and feedback from other white-label resellers to gauge their satisfaction with the white-label provider. A string of bad reviews or complaints probably means that the service is not capable of providing efficient or timely service so may be best avoided.

Businesses with positive reviews over a period of time clearly have a proven track record. They may cost slightly more than other white-label companies, but often a few extra dollars upfront can save you thousands further down the line.

Contact channels

To work well with a white label provider there will need to be open channels of communication. If you have a question or an issue you will need to be able to get an answer quickly, especially if the question is coming from your client.

Check the kind of communication options that are available. Many white-label providers have a dedicated customer service or helpdesk team to help resellers. It can be wise to check that their hours of operations align with your country’s time zone or even better, are staffed 24 hours a day.

Ask for work samples

When you are reselling social media services it is really important to understand the quality of work you will be providing. Ask your new white label provider to supply work samples before you commit to working with them. If the white label company is professional, social posts should look sharp, clean, and well-designed.

Poor quality posts will not impress any customer so work needs to be appealing and attractive with well-organized layouts and good use of graphical elements like fonts, stickers, and color. If you are considering partnering with a white-label service and they are unable to provide work samples, then that is a big red flag. Look elsewhere!

Final words

With the right white-label provider the sky is the limit for selling social media services, you are only limited by the number of clients that you or your marketing agency can effectively manage. Expansion is entirely possible and a good white-label provider should be able to scale with you as you grow.

Talk to Smarcomms today about a productive and profitable white-label partnership.

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