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Defeat Business Stress with Massage Treatments

Massage is a treatment that has been around much longer than most people think. Dating back thousands of years with origins in India, massage treatments were used for centuries before finding their way to China, South-east Asia, and Egypt. The therapy was brought to Japan and has been documented as being used by the Romans and Ancient Greeks.

The modern ‘Swedish’ massage that we know today was developed in the early 1800s to relieve chronic muscle pain by a doctor and gymnast. Further techniques and movements were incorporated into the overall massage treatment and the demand for massage therapists steadily increased.

Over the years massage therapy evolved to become a legitimate medical technique that is used the world over to combat an array of problems and has continued to grow in popularity as people opt for an increasingly holistic lifestyle.

Massage Treatments for stress reduction

For the time-stretched businessman or woman working in a demanding environment, the stresses of the work can build up over time, becoming responsible for a whole range of health complications.

Stress is a factor in many life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease, vascular problems, and strokes, the risk of which can increase over time and with age as tolerance and immune defenses reduce.

As work demands rise and time with the family or spent at home lessens the amount of time taking care of health needs also diminishes with negative consequences, both mental and physical. This negative impact can leave us more susceptible to illness and psychological problems.

While there are many stress-reducing medicines, exercises, and herbal remedies available, a day at the spa can go a long way to bringing down high levels of stress successfully, as well as being a truly enjoyable way to spend the day.

Taking time out for ourselves doesn’t always come naturally as the demands of work or home life seem to take priority, but the benefits of self-care can be far-reaching and highly beneficial to ourselves and those around us who will gain from our better health and improved mood.

As a fully-equipped spa, Mysa Day Spa offers many soothing and stress-busting therapies. Massage has been proven to have many benefits such as improving circulation, increasing blood flow, and helping with cell elasticity for a feeling of overall well-being.

Medical Benefits of Massage Treatments

Along with well-documented mental benefits, massage therapy can help with pain and strains, a deep tissue massage targets ligaments, tendons, and muscles, while a pain relief massage incorporates acupressure to target pain sites and reduce discomfort.

Massage, when done regularly, has been shown to improve the immune system and increase resistance to illness or allergies. A lymphatic drainage massage helps to expel waste and toxins by moving the fluid in the lymphatic drainage system.

Expectant mothers can benefit from a prenatal massage to soothe and calm. It can also reduce fatigue and help with some of the muscle and joint pain associated with pregnancy.

For the ultimate day of pampering, all of our massages can be complemented with hot stone treatments, soothing or invigorating aromatherapy oils, or reflexology treatment to enhance the experience.

For stress management, having a regular massage will help to manage the symptom and effects and there are many other benefits that come from maintaining a regimen.

Massage therapy relieves anxiety, improves insomnia or disturbed sleep patterns, and can relieve digestive disorders. So for those suffering from work-induced stress, massage is a non-invasive treatment that is a viable alternative to pharmaceutical drugs or over the counter medicine.

Book a massage today with one of our qualified therapists and see how you can reduce stress using this time-tested and world-renowned holistic therapy treatment.

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