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Customize your living space with waterjet designs

Waterjet designs can utilize a versatile mix of glass, natural stone, or metal. Designs can incorporate other eye-catching materials like metals, gemstones, or glass, and come in any color imaginable. Using waterjet cutting techniques allows custom work to be tailored to specifications that can convey a curved or softer appearance.

This advanced cutting technique allows for the creation of stunning artistic designs or motifs that can be used in any number of applications. The process involved a high-speed waterjet projected at extremely high pressure to cut material. Many industries use waterjet cutting for their applications, but for designers, artisans, and homeowners it is a way of creating versatile and stunning tile patterns.

Bespoke creations can be added to hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere else required. Due to the versatility of the waterjet process, and possible combinations of materials the design options are endless. A broad and diverse range of material finishes can include honed, polished, tumbled, glass, and hand-chopped to create a bold dynamic look or a more subtle and sleek appearance. Waterjet tile can be used to add borders, medallions, or full wall patterns.

Decostone’s products are all manufactured in the USA at our California factory and our designs can be made to fit your custom specifications. If you have a drawing you would like to use, our expert design service can help you transform your idea into a reality. We can design pieces based on your image, logo, or pattern.

For waterjet cutting, we use the latest technology with four 10 head machines that can handle production of all sizes from large to small. We prepare all work to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Each project is crafted with the highest precision and attention to detail to create stunning designs that will compliment any part of your home, office, or outdoor area.

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