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Current UK guidelines for weddings

If you have been waiting for Covid restrictions to be lifted so you can plan your wedding, or if you happen to be a couple who has postponed the event, you may be wondering what the latest rules are.

Since the latest announcement in June, it has been determined that weddings will be no longer limited to numbers of 30. This is good news for Indian and Asian couples who have been waiting to perform their wedding ceremony and have large numbers of guests.

Restrictions to the number of guests will be determined by the socially distanced capacity of a venue. It is likely that a safe number of guests will be determined by the venue manager in COVID-secure facilities. Provided that the location is big enough, any amount of guests will be permitted to attend provided that social distancing rules can be managed effectively.

Large venues and outdoor locations like private gardens, homes, or land can also be used to perform wedding ceremonies, and food and drink may be provided and served to guests. Unfortunately, dancing is still not allowed due to the close proximity, nor is indoor communal singing.

Professional musicians and performers may be booked with groups up to 6 indoors, and up to 30 performers allowed at outdoor venues. Masks will still need to be worn by wedding guests and attendees apart from when eating and drinking. Masks will NOT need to be worn by the couple being married or the officiant performing the ceremony.

For reasons of safety, and to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, wedding speeches should be held outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Some venues have been designated as COVID-secure, those that have not will need to have all reasonable steps taken by the wedding event organiser to ensure guest safety.

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