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Tiger Music Productions

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Smarcomms On Switching From Proof To Fomo


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Social Media Content

Tell us about your brand! When did you launch, where are you headquartered, what moved you to start your business?

We are a music publisher/production company located in Calgary, Alberta. Canada. We operate under an independent label, Tiger Music Productions Canada and serve North America. We work with new and emerging artists, although not new to the business we launched our online presence in the midst of Covid in January 2019, It was preplanned and after carefully review we realized that the pandemic would eventually end and artists needed a voice to help them in the career path. Having been in the business for years I knew the challenges independent artists faced getting their music out to a world wide audience. I formed a team of talented people with experience in the industry with one mission “getting independent artists heard.” Our mission remains and our team is focused, we love what we do and everyone here combined with our artists have become one big family. I remain forefront of the business and keep the passion going because I was an independent artists, I know the struggles they face and together we can overcome the challenges faced in todays market.

What are some of your other favorite services/apps/tools for managing your social media presence?

We use Facebook advertising now Meta on a regular basis and together with their planner we regularly post. We use (30) sec. videos to bring interest to different subjects to grab attention and use a set of software we like using for content such as Shutterstock, filmora and movie maker.

What other methods/strategies did you try in order to address those issues prior to using Smarcomms?

We tried a number of other social programs for posting content, each and every time we discovered the platforms were not meant for our business. They either had no relevant content or took hours to try and set up posts missing the mark completely.

How did you learn about Smarcomms?

We found Smarcomms after doing some research into the market and we gave them a try.

How long have you been using Smarcomms?

We’ve been using them for 3 months and the content is top notch, their a great team.

What prompted you to move forward with Smarcomms?

Their prompt service, from the day we sent the intake form it has been top notch. They have a team of talented writers who not only grasped our industry but made great content.

Have you tried any of our competitors? If so, why did you choose Smarcomms instead?

We tried other competitors, some very pricey and none of them could deliver the results Smarcomms did.

How are you benefitting from using Smarcomms? i.e. 10 hours saved per week, 15 new enquiries from social media etc.

The cost savings in hours not building and scheduling content it worth it’s weight in gold in out books, the interest from the content we can’t put a price on.

Anything else you’re proud to share?

Our content went from disorganized to focused within weeks building our socials on Instagram & Facebook, it was one of the best decisions we’ve made to bring Smarcomms on board.

Do you have any changes you’d like to see made with Smarcomms? Any ideas for the team?

Their a good team, I think they faced most of our challenges. Keep up the great work.

Do you have any advice for other Smarcomms users?

If you want to save yourself time and focus on your business hire Smarcomms, be honest with yourself and be clear on your goals for social media. From there let them take your socials to the next level.

What is one thing you want customers to take away from your business? What are you truly selling?

Were not just a record label, were a family of musicians, writers, composers & producers working for one common goal, to get the independent artists voice heard.