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Can anyone resell social media marketing services using a white label company?

If you have had thoughts of running your own marketing agency but lack the knowledge (or time) to perform the tasks needed. Then maybe you should consider using a white label service.

For many people this can be a lucrative method to establish their own agency without the need to invest a huge amount of time or money in things like:

  • Staff
  • Software
  • Equipment
  • Premises

With all of the creative work outsourced, and essentially done for you, using a white label social media management company can handle all the tasks, leaving you free to manage or grow your business.

Who uses white label services?

While anyone can take advantage of using a white label service to supply their work, people who choose this route typically fall into 2 categories.

  • Those looking to start a new marketing agency.
  • Those looking to expand their existing marketing agency.

Let’s take a deeper look at both.

People that wish to start a marketing agency understand that it can be a profitable venture, but fulfilling client workload can be time-intensive. There will also need to be the right staff in place to prevent jobs not being completed properly or work not being performed to the clients specifications.

A white label service effectively addresses all of these concerns as an expert team of designers will produce the necessary work on your behalf. This opens up a huge range of opportunities for potential business owners. With a bit of business acumen and determination, literally anybody can operate a successful social marketing business.

The amount you can earn will often depend on how much time you are prepared to put in, but offering marketing services can be anything from a side hustle to a fully fledged business. Even college students have managed to build a successful agency while doing their studies.

On the other end of the scale, companies that have an existing agency but wish to grow it can add to their services by using a white label provider. Capacity issues will no longer be a problem and the workload can be spread across the white label service’s staff. It also means that no investment is necessary in terms of up to date graphics software or expensive licences.

Staffing levels can be maintained or even reduced once the work is outsourced, leading to a reduction in salaries and other overhead costs. For many agencies, this flexibility allows them to scale their business quickly and easily at the minimum of expense, often finding that they can offer services through the white label agency that were just not previously feasible.

It allows business owners to focus on daily operations and project delivery and means that there is time to foster new relationships or nurture existing leads. All of this can have a direct impact on the business reputation and can bring more opportunity in terms of referrals.

When is a good time to start using white label services?

Making the transition to a white label provider and transferring business over often leaves businesses wondering when is the best time to do it. The truth is that anytime can be the ideal point to engage the services of a white label company. Whether your agency has been operating for many years, or is newly established, the benefits of outsourcing work can benefit your agency at any time.

In some circumstances it may be crucial in terms of growth and expansion to partner with such a company. If the level of work is exceeding your capacity, or your current staff don’t have the skills to offer additional services, you could be limiting your earning potential. Take an honest assessment of your social media marketing agency and ask if you are currently stagnating, or could benefit from additional income.

How do I find a good white label service?

There are numerous white label social media marketing agencies that can be found online but each one should be carefully researched to ensure that the services they offer align with your needs. If social media marketing is a service you would like to grow or add, then a white label provider who specialised in technical SEO will not be your best bet.

Pricing and packages should also be compared, and it is worth noting here that the most expensive does not necessarily equal ‘best’. The same can be said of cheaper white label providers, budget prices companies do not always mean ‘worst’. A better way to tell how good your white label provider is, is to carefully check reviews, customer testimonials, and reputation. This will most likely give you a much better indication the company is in terms of delivering work, managing volume, and being responsive to their clients.

An occasional bad review does not automatically spell disaster, in fact it can provide insights into how the white label company handles and rectifies issues. But if you come across a whole slew of bad feedback or a 2.0 out of a 5 star rating, you may want to steer clear. If your chosen white label provider has a lengthy list of good ratings and positive customer feedback, then you are on to a winner!


The flexibility and expertise provided by a white label business means that anyone can manage a successful social media marketing agency, even with limited knowledge. Once your work and customer facing software like portals has been branded to display your colours and logo, you can provide a seamless service to your customer, ensuring that their work is delivered on time and to their specifications. As a business practice, outsourcing in this way is extremely common and profitable.

If you would like to get started selling social media services using a white label provider, click HERE for more information.

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