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Buying and moving home after Covid19 lockdown

For many, the need to buy a home and move after the latest lockdown is a top priority. Due to the pandemic and subsequent government restrictions people have postponed or delayed their home sales and purchases until the health crisis diminishes. As the rules and restrictions are slowly relaxed the housing market is bouncing back with prices and demand rising quickly.

So what does this mean for buyers that are ready to buy their new home?

Even though the housing market can operate freely with home sales and purchases being performed, some are understandably still concerned about the health risks associated with entering and viewing properties. Vaccinations have been administered to protect the public but in many cases, concerns about the risk of contracting Covid19 are still a cause for worry.

If you are worried about potential health risks, here are some steps you can take while searching for your new home.

Take full advantage of virtual viewings

Thanks to technology like video conferencing and webcams allow homes to be viewed online. This can be advisable especially for initial home viewing to reduce the risk of contact. Most property agents now offer virtual viewing capability and for your first look at a potential property, this can be a wise step to take.

Using video tools buyers can quickly assess the suitability of possible homes and eliminate any that do not fit their list of wants and needs. Video viewings can allow potential buyers the opportunity to see things like room sizes, or layouts that may not work for their particular family or situation. These properties may then be eliminated from the list of potential properties without ever entering the property and reducing the exposure to risk.

Continue to be vigilant

Although rules around social interaction are beginning to lessen it is still wise to follow precautions when entering a property that is not your own. Social distancing steps should continue to be followed and face masks should be worn. Viewings should be arranged by appointment only and if an agent accompanies buyers, social distance measures should be observed. Avoid touching things like door handles and surfaces where possible and wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser to prevent contamination. Remain safely within your bubble and only attend viewings with other members of your household bubble. Where possible the homeowner should vacate the property, and if you have any symptoms of Covid viewing should be cancelled.

Property inspections

If a property is being considered for purchase then professionals like home inspectors may need access to the property. Similar to the procedures followed for viewing, all social distancing and hygiene rules will need to be followed. All inspections should be scheduled individually so one person at a time is accessing the property. Contact with inspectors should be kept to a minimum while allowing them access to necessary parts of the house.

Packing and moving

It is advisable to pack as many of your own belongings as possible even if using a moving company, to keep contact and handling risks to a minimum. For items that need to be handled cleaning with domestic products should be enough to keep people safe. Internal doors should be opened to allow freedom of movement and hand washing supplies available. If anyone in the new property falls ill with Covid you should expect that the move will be delayed until a later date.

Buying and moving to a new home is completely possible as we exit lockdown, and observing safety rules and guidelines will help ensure that everyone remains safe during the purchasing process.

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