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Branding items to consider when starting a new business

If you have embarked on a recent venture and started a new business then congratulations, you are beginning a fabulous and exciting journey. Now you have your new company you will need to think about your business identity. How people will identify you and how you represent yourself in the marketplace. Some items you will want to consider as they relate to your business are the client-facing items and graphical components that help customers recognise and contact your organisation. These can include things like:

Business logo and branding

This is the ‘stamp’ of your business that sets you apart from the rest. Your logo and business branding help to position your business attracts the correct customers and creates recognition among potential new clients and other companies. Spending a bit of money to have a logo and business designs done professionally is a good investment. A good graphic designer will come up with creative suggestions for your businesses logo that you possibly haven’t thought of.

Company Website

You will need to determine how complex your website needs to be. If you are a plumber that offers local services then a static site with a contact page may be enough. There are many easy to use online website builders like Wix and Squarespace that can help you build your site. However, if you are operating an eCommerce business or require a site that offers more in terms of functionality then you may need to enlist professional designers. For sites that need to scale over a period of time, you will need to ensure you have enough capacity to expand and support additional bandwidth or data requirements as your company grows.

Business email address

Your business email should be professional and memorable. If you have a business site then using your existing domain is a great way to create your email address. Avoid free services like Gmail all Hotmail. Although they offer much in terms of useability they just don’t look professional. Unless you are running a sweet shop ‘ just doesn’t cut it! If you are stuck on Gmail then you can purchase a business email from them at a relatively low cost to keep your email looking the way it should.

Social Media Channels

Although the implication is that you need to be everywhere all the time, that simply isn’t true. Carefully select a couple of social media channels to start with and you can expand later if needed. The type of business you operate can determine the social media accounts that will work best. If you are a photographer or sell handcrafted goods then Instagram is perfect due to its visual nature. If you are a financial advisor you may do better on Linkedin or Twitter. You need to reach your audience so consider where they may spend their time on social media and use that information to your advantage.

Business Marketing

As well as social media you will need to decide where else you will be marketing your new business. Will you engage with social media groups, converse on industry forums, or use online advertising to promote your business? Many channels are available and some can be trial and error until you find out what works. If you plan on advertising online it may pay to hire an ad specialist to help with targeting and ad creation so you are not simply throwing money to Facebook or Google Ads without any results.

In a digital world, you need to be able to get ahead of other companies and stand out from the crowd. Having an actionable and defined marketing strategy can help to promote your new business and make bigger gains in terms of customer acquisition and retention.

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