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9 Social media post ideas for Construction

Working in the construction industry provides hundreds of opportunities for posting to social media. High quality images featuring work in progress or finished jobs can not only attract followers, but is also a great way to showcase your company’s work. This can work especially well on social platforms that focus on images like Instagram or Snapchat. Coming up with new ideas to keep your social accounts fresh helps to keep your audience engaged and interested but can be time consuming, white label social media services can help you keep your channels fresh and current.

Here are some ideas to help you keep your social media channels up to date and your audience engaged.

Photos of projects

The easiest pictures to share are those of construction jobs that are in progress. These can be turned into a series of shots, each showing different stages of completion. From start to finish and before and after photos can be great for displaying the kind of work you do and the results that customers can expect. Use complications or problems to highlight how your experienced team is qualified to overcome issues and share images of the fix and the final result.

Images of quality or specialised materials

Depending on the nature of the construction work that you perform you may need to acquire specialised materials or unique items to complete jobs. Showcase the material with close up shots from different angles to show things like the depth or the finish on the materials you are using. It demonstrates your team’s capability and shows the range of material that your business is capable of working with.

Unusual angles of everyday items

If you have a bit of an artistic eye, you can add real interest to your social media accounts by taking photos of everyday items from new and original viewpoints. For example, instead of simply snapping a photo of newly erected scaffolding, take close ups of couplers or shoot a photo looking up through the interlocked scaffolding tubes. This can breathe new life into the type of photos usually seen and can be a great way to encourage your audience to interact with a ‘Guess what this is?’ feature.

Behind the scenes

Share more than just the work you do and go behind the scenes of your operation to show things that are not usually seen like preparing quotes and estimates, or showing the delivery of items arriving at your business. These kinds of photos don’t have to be limited to the business alone. People like to know who they are dealing with so make your social accounts a bit more personal by including things like your latest new equipment purchases or show your audience what you spend your downtime doing.

Spotlight on staff

Increase your audience reach by posting mini-features on your staff. From admin to construction specialists, share information about your employees, their education, and their specialist skills. Add a human touch by including images of their spouse, kids, or even the family pet to create a real connection with your social media followers. Having a regular staff feature helps to make your company seem all the more relatable, which can be good for business.

Live videos

Put your audience and followers right in the action as it happens. Live video is a great way to share events as they happen and create instant reactions. Construction projects offer multiple opportunities to make interesting and even dramatic videos. Large scale projects that involve things like demolition can look great when shared as live video. While knocking down a wall may just be part of your job, it can be super entertainment material for your social followers.

Tips and tricks

As a nation of DIYers there are always people interested to learn about new methods or faster ways of doing things. This provides a great way for you to share your knowledge, show off your experience, and connect with your audience all at the same time. You can design posts that feature a daily or weekly tip, and show your followers the best way to perform tasks or highlight things to avoid. This can help to expand your reach as informative and educational posts are usually well received.

Latest news

There are always new things happening in the world of construction. Show your followers that you are on the cutting edge of any new techniques or industry developments by sharing the latest news on your social media channels. Use and reshare curated content from sources like business or industry news websites and feature comments and observations from industry leaders. Along with keeping your audience up to date this can also make your social pages an authority and a valuable resource for users.

Facts and figures

Interesting data, facts, statistics and trends are all great for making impactful and interesting social media posts. The construction industry is large and your audience will appreciate knowing about changes or upcoming projections that may affect their building project. For example, things like economic changes can be shared as a warning for those planning upcoming construction work. Things like ‘Latest inflation figures show the price of building materials to increase by 15%’ can help your users to be aware of factors that may impact their own projects and act accordingly.

Final words

Keeping social accounts fresh is fantastic for building your company’s social media presence. It can help attract new clients and earn you more business. If time constraints make it difficult to keep up with a posting schedule then outsourcing to a social media service may be the answer. Professional social media managers can design posts and share great content to all your accounts while you focus on running your business.

Either way, maintaining an active social presence, will demonstrate your company’s talents and capabilities and has the possibility to help you reach a new or wider audience. With buyers researching your business in 5-7 places before making a purchase, social media accounts are an essential marketing tool.

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