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7 Social Media Hacks to Skyrocket your Brand Growth

Companies who with to expand their online presence, reach more users, improve brand recognition, and engage with clients often focus on using their social media accounts to achive their goals. Social channels can be an excellent way to connect with customers and drive sales, but the reality is that with millions of accounts on every platform it can take a bit of creativity and consistency to see real results. This can be frustrating for companies who have just launched and are in start up mode, and getting the number of followers or customer interactions to increase can seem impossible at times.

The good news is that is IS possible and there are some things that you can do to spur on your brand growth and aquire followers at a faster rate.

1. Move from photo to video

Video is fast becoming the media of choice amount social account users and video views are rising extremely quickly. The meteoric rise of TikTok and the addition of video features on other platforms like Instagram is a strong indicator that video is not going anywhere soon. Many businesses have shifted their creative efforts from static posts to making engaging content for their video feeds that will advertise and promote their products or services. The data doesn’t lie, and statistics currently show that video posts can earn as much as 48% more than standard social media posts, and over 80% of marketers believe that video content has a direct, positive effect on sales.

2. Outsource your content

Consult with an expert marketing agency to have your content created and posted on your behalf. Content creators that work for agencies will frequently have a better grasp on the kind of posts that work best within your industry and can offer new insights and ideas. There will be a cost associated with outsourcing your social media marketing, but on the plus side you also stand to make a few gains. Having a marketing company manage your accounts can –

  • Save you time
  • Atrract more followers
  • Drive better engagement
  • Expand your reach
  • Optimize conversion rates

3. Stream it live

No matter how great your social content is, having a real walking talking human being can be far more impactful when it comes to social account growth. Social channels now all include some kind of live streaming capability which gives you the opportunity to take your followers right into the heart of the action. No matter what your business you can provide interesting and engaging content to attact new users and to share updates, news, or exciting business developments. As live video can be reacted to and commented on in real time it is a great place to gather feedback or ask questions of your audience and gather responses.

4. Automate your posts

Attracting followers and maintaining good levels on your social accounts is only possible if you are posting frequently and regularly. If you are a business owner, carving out time to create post every day can soon become a chore, and one that can easily be forgotten! Automating your social posts can be a better solution to keep your accounts fresh and consistent. Marketing software, content calendars, and other automated tools can be used to help keep your accounts up-to-date without the hassle. Posts can be created in bulks and scheduled across a week or even an entire month so once your content is created it can post automatically on the days and times that you choose.

5. Always be available

Mainting positive interactions with your potential clients and engaging with them directly means that you (or someone) needs to be available at all times, every day to make this happen. Of course, in the real world this is not always possible so how do companies manage these types of connections so that opportunities don’t get missed? Easy. Think about untilizing a chat-bot. These versatile tools can engage your customers, promptly respond to inquiries, and answer questions so that your client doesn’t go looking elsewhere. Chatbots can be programmed to provide almost human-like responses and many website visitors do not realise that they are speaking with an automated program. They will allow you to connect with your customers immediately and provide information around the clock, managing inquiries at tricky times like during public holidays or off-peak hours.

6. Use analytics

While almost all social platforms offer some type of built-in analytics, many companies do not use them. Even though sifting through data and monitoring on page actions may not seem exciting, the reality is that it can yield a huge amount of information. These insights can be use to identify some powerful interactions that might be a game changer for account growth. Things like the best posting times, or the kind of content that gains the most views can be ascertained, and metrics that show levels of customer engagement can be used to your advantage. This data can be taken and used to underpin your marketing strategy to drive better results, and analytics can help you to take a deep dive into customer behaviour.

7. Decide between a personal or business brand

Brand recognition is a big deal, customers like to know who they are engaging with. So when you are posting to social accounts its best to decided early on how you want to be branded, Will you be the human face of your business or will your brand simply be recognized by your logo. There is no right or wrong branding method, but whichever you decide to use, you should stick to it for the sake of consistency. Customers don’t like change and maintaining a strong brand presence can inspire better loyalty and trust, so use it to your advantage.

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