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7 reasons content writing still makes sense in 2023

With the advent of social media marketing and platforms like TikTok seeing extremely high traffic numbers, some marketers have questioned whether less visual forms of marketing are still viable. It is true that video marketing is on the rise, and many companies have embraced the format as an additional channel to promote their business services.

However, the written word still holds its own power in marketing terms, and the majority of companies are still actively sharing and creating written content. Posting articles on their website and sharing content links across social media platforms to drive traffic, and all indicators show that blogging and content writing is still highly active.

If you are wondering whether to continue with your content strategy in 2023, here are some reasons why you should,

1. Versatile and adaptable

Content writing as a medium is versatile and very adaptable. Businesses use written content to fill their blog pages, but also to create user knowledge bases, and for press releases, reviews, case studies, and product guides. For information-sharing purposes, content writing is capable of generating concise and searchable documents that users are able to browse, search, and reach.

Email marketing wouldn’t exist without copywriting and as a marketing strategy, communicating with users via email and driving conversions is still one of the most productive methods out there. Using email to support and share existing content helps to get the message directly to a wider range of users, and links included can drive email recipients right to the business website.

2. SEO

Having a large number of articles and blogs posted online helps companies with SEO. Content writing crafted around industry keywords, or that incorporates the latest trends provide opportunities for ranking high in search. Businesses that invest in contributing routinely to their blog pages report higher traffic and by using a strong call to action on each page, customers can register their interest quickly. Helpful for outreach purposes later on.

Keeping business pages fresh and updated helps customers who are seeking information, searching for product solutions, or that need answers to their questions. Having a well-maintained blog increases brand awareness, and company recognition as customers regularly see or visit content.

3. Builds trust and authority

For consumers who are choosing where to buy from, having an active presence creates a better level of trust. The more relevant content is shared, the more authority your company has in its industry. That authority isn’t just among potential customers either, better SEO and higher search traffic mean that your website can earn a higher domain authority rating.

It’s a statistic that isn’t talked about too much these days, but DA is still a very real metric that can influence your website ranking. Content writing can actively help improve your domain rating and effectively drive your site higher in search. The higher in search your site is, the more visitors it will receive, and the more visitors your site receives the more relevant it becomes, and the higher it ranks in search. Almost like a self-propelling cycle, and all driven by written content.

4. Lead generation

The content that you write and post to your website can work as a very productive and active lead generation system. Business articles, news reports, and any other type of written document can be enhanced by adding clickable links, and in some cases, an embedded for to collect user information from customers interested in your products or services.

Lead generation is one of the primary reasons that companies invest in maintaining their blogs and the information provided by customers can be used for calls, follow-up emails, or other types of customer contact. Content that aligns with user search intent has been shown to produce leads effectively and is a solid marketing strategy.

5. Market research

Blogs and content posted that surround industry topics can spark conversations with potential customers. When setting up your blog you will typically have an option available to switch user comments on or off. It is advisable to leave it set to ‘on’, to allow customers to share their thoughts or ask a question about your content or article.

Not only does this allow direct engagement with your users and encourage further interaction, but it can also reveal interesting insights into customer wants and needs. By monitoring the comments left, businesses can uncover concerns or understand consumer motivation better. Pretty useful if you are developing new products or services.

6. Boost visibility

With regular posting it is relatively easy to build up a number of blogs and written resources on your website. For companies that share insightful or thought-provoking content, it can lead to increased exposure and visibility. People like to share information and if your content is valuable you may find that your blogs or articles get shared on other websites or posted to social media channels.

Platforms like Linkedin are heavily invested in professional content and thought-leadership pieces are frequently shared by users who have accounts. Facebook and Twitter feature clickable links so it is likely that popular content will be shared there too. With a good number of shares, visibility is increased across new or previously untapped markets, bringing your company to the attention of new users.

7. Outsourcing options

The nice thing about content writing is that it can be done by businesses of all sizes. Companies small and large can maintain a blog on their website and some business owners take full responsibility for writing articles and maintaining their blog. However, it is not always necessary for one person to oversee your blog. With outsourcing options readily available, article writing tasks can be outsourced easily.

If you don’t want to create articles yourself, you can seek the services of an external content writing service. Or your pieces could be outsourced to multiple writers who each contribute a number of articles to your blog on a weekly or monthly basis. Many companies prefer to use the services of a single content writing service for professionalism and ease of management.

Final words

Through 2023 and beyond, content writing looks set to remain active and still provides a viable marketing channel for many businesses. If you decide to maintain your blog by outsourcing work be sure to look for a reputable content writing service to contribute articles. For the reasons mentioned in this article, a high number of well-known brands will continue to use written content and plan to allocate a portion of their marketing budget to content-writing activities.

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