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6 Advantages to outsourcing your blog writing

For business owners who are managing a website, part of your overall marketing strategy may be writing and posting insightful blog content. Having a blog is an ideal way of attracting new traffic to your website as well as answering questions or providing news updates to existing customers.

Even though a blog is an effective marketing tool, keeping up with daily or weekly content can place demands on already limited time. For this reason, many business owners choose to outsource their writing needs to an external content provider like Smarcomms. Using a third-party service for content creation comes with some great advantages, so if it is not something you have considered previously, maybe it’s time to take a closer look.

Here are some of the reasons you might of outsourcing your blog writing.

1. Time

One of the biggest challenges associated with managing your own blog is the time it takes to create engaging content. Simply writing an article isn’t enough to get your work to rank in search. To have the best chance of your work being visible you will need to perform keyword research to target relevant search phrases in your niche. Knowing how popular certain keywords are and what kind of search volume they attract can help you generate pieces that will find and engage your audience.

Between performing keyword research and writing the content around those words, the time demands of content writing can soon become unmanageable for many small business owners.. Having an external provider handle the content creation for your site can save hours of work and allow you to focus the time on other important areas of the business.

  • Save time
  • Increase business focus
  • Attract your audience

2. Efficiency

Keeping content flowing and sticking to a realistic schedule is helpful for keeping your site fresh, relevant, and updated. When demands of the business take over it can be difficult to write regularly and new content can become sporadic. Using a content writing service is a great way to receive content on set dates.

There will be writers on hand to perform the work for you and depending on how much content you need, or how frequently you want to share new articles, work can be delivered on the days you choose. Having a flow of updated content can help your site remain visible in the search pages.

  • Maintain a schedule
  • Receive quality content
  • Search visibility
  • Relevance

3. Quality

Even though you may be an expert at your business, you may not naturally be a writer. Telling a story and structuring web content to perform well is a learned skill. So while you may be able to write interesting pieces, there are things needed in terms of formatting and structure that helps search engines to understand your content better and place it appropriately in search results.

Content writers who write all day every day understand how articles should look and flow to gain the most visibility and maintain engagement. Even things like formatting for mobile devices or having the appropriate sentence length needs to be considered if your business content is to gain the most views.

  • Get more views
  • Mobile optimization
  • Better engagement

4. Optimization

Positioning your content for the best amount of traffic and highest search results comes from not only the quality of the work, but also is affected by how well written pieces are optimized. A professional content writing service will manage necessary all of the necessary optimization elements like:

  • Headline
  • Headings
  • Keywords
  • Sentence length
  • Article structure
  • Formatting
  • Meta description
  • Focus keyword

Each one of these items is important if your content is to perform effectively and gain followers and website traffic.

  • SEO optimization
  • High search results
  • Better reach

5. Flexibility

One of the big bonuses of working with a professional blog writing service is the flexibility you will gain. If you have large content needs they can be managed efficiently and without stress. If you need a single piece every month, that can be handled too. With a content writing service, volume can be easily managed or orders can be flexed up or down to meet your specific business needs.

If you require content that aligns with a particular event like a sale or a seasonal offer, that can be easily created for your business. In fact, Smarcomms actively encourages you to provide titles for your preferred content and will generate content around your ideas or requests.

  • Ease of management
  • Title suggestions
  • One time pieces for sales or events

6. Cost

Answering the question ‘How much is your time worth?’ can highlight how cost effective using a content writing service is. If your time is better spent on other aspects of the business, then writing your own content could actually be costing you money.

With a range of available package pricing, Smarcomms provides different options for your content management, and with pricing based on word count, it provides small to mid size business users with highly affordable options.

  • Monthly packages
  • Volume flexibility
  • Affordable

How can a content writing service help my business

Your content management service will be able to help you in the ways described above, but they will also be able to :

  • Help you to manage a content marketing strategy
  • Maintain your businesses tone of voice
  • Generate posts that create site traffic
  • Help to optimize CTAs (calls to action)
  • Drive or improve conversions
  • Post content on your behalf
  • Maintain a strong brand image
  • Save you the time and effort of creating content

Keeping your website content on a schedule can help you to gain visibility and rise above your competitors. Gaining a leading market edge with content is a strategy used by many online business to promote their products and services.

See examples of Smarcomms blog posts here and have your content done for you.

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