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5 Benefits of using a Virtual Assistant to manage your social media presence

Social media has become one of the biggest forms of advertising and connection across the modern business landscape. Not only does it offer up great ways to interact with your customers and grow your brand, but it’s also an excellent way to build your online reputation. However, the big downside of social media is that it can be extremely labour intensive. Creating original graphics, writing captions, and responding to your followers can all take a hefty chunk of time out of your day. Hiring a virtual assistant can help you to manage your social accounts and ensure high-quality posts, all without taking up your valuable time.

If you have been considering outsourcing work to a VA then there are a number of advantages to be gained. Here are five reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant to manage your social media presence.

Save Time for More Important Business Tasks

Business owners can reduce their involvement in social media account management by using a virtual assistant to manage content or monitor responses. Customers often expect timely responses to their questions and comments, so hiring a VA can help you to keep up with your followers. As well as being admin experts, Virtual Assistants frequently offer flexibility so you can schedule your VA to work at the times best suited to your business. With around-the-clock access a competent virtual assistant will deftly manage response times and be quick and professional when dealing with your audience. Hiring a virtual assistant means that you can step up your interactions with social media followers with a point of contact that is always available, and that can translate into loyal, long-term customers.

Manage Multiple Social Media Platforms Simultaneously

As it seems that companies are required to be on all social channels at once, it can quickly become challenging to keep up with each platform’s requirements. Different post length limits apply, and images need to be cropped to specific sizes depending on which account you are posting on. Having a VA that is dedicated to managing your social channels means that they can keep up with separate needs and ensure that your posts or images are never cut short or cropped incorrectly. An experienced virtual assistant will be able to take advantage of the media formats that each social platform offers. They will be able to expand your reach by utilising things like live video or reels, or running competitions to engage users. With the ability to create and manage posts across different formats this can help to increase audience engagement.

Save (or make) Money

It may seem counterintuitive as you will need to pay for hours worked, but hiring a VA to manage your social media presence can actually save, or even make money in the long run. Outsourcing time exhaustive tasks to someone else can help you focus on the aspects of your business that are most important, or most profitable. Along with freeing up valuable time an experienced virtual assistant can bring fresh new ideas and insights that will benefit your social media presence and ensure that your accounts are active. Bringing a social media expert on board can improve the effectiveness of your social posts and encourage more interaction from potential customers. Communicating with a company that is clearly engaged with its audience can be meaningful for potential customers that want to feel secure in working with you. Over time this consistent customer engagement can lead to increased business opportunities and collaborations.

Work with an Experienced Professional

Hiring a virtual assistant offers many benefits to business owners. As there is no limitation on where your VA is based, you may be able to gain access to experienced professionals that are not available in your local market. Workers based in other countries are frequently willing to collaborate across time zones to align with your business, and may be more cost effective than your local or regional talent pool. By contracting with a VA, you get to hand-pick experts based on their experience and skillset without having to commit to hiring someone full-time. This can potentially open up opportunities that might otherwise go unexplored if you were limited by physical location or reputation alone. Technology tools allow for easy tracking and monitoring of remote work, and management systems can help you to easily keep up with customer interactions. Things like the number of social posts, calendar schedules, and customer comments can be checked for completion, and an experienced VA will be able to utilise these tools to bring a new level of efficiency to your business operations.

Enjoy An Expertly Managed Profile

Social media is an incredible tool that can help grow your business but managing multiple profiles and accounts can become a time-sucking black hole if not managed correctly. Many business owners simply don’t have hours to devote to monitoring, responding and interacting on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These tasks can be offloaded and managed by a qualified VA. Virtual assistants can offer many specific skills on particular networks, depending on the social accounts you use it will most likely be possible to find a VA that is an advanced user. Bringing new initiatives and breathing new life into your social accounts and keeping them fresh. Whether you are planning to host giveaways, provide special offers or maintain a posting schedule, a virtual assistant will make sure your social media presence is top-notch.

Final Words

A top rated virtual assistant will not only maintain your social media presence by creating posts and writing content, but they will strive to build on your existing social media strategy and drive improvements. This is good news for businesses that are concerned with expanding reach and creating more engagement among their followers. Knowing how to develop your social media presence takes expertise and commitment, something that many business owners just cannot manage. Hiring a VA takes the pressure off and hands the responsibility to someone that can give your social accounts their undivided attention.

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