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4 Advantages to Hiring A Managed Social Media Marketing Expert

For many businesses, finding the correct formula for their social media marketing is always going to be a challenge. Almost all successful social media campaigns that stand out amongst the competition require expert knowledge and experience. As a result, hiring a social media marketing expert or employing a firm that offers managed social media marketing services is seriously worth considering.

Contrary to popular belief, social media is not just about creating posts and scheduling them. You need to invest time and effort into building a successful campaign. A well-oiled social media marketing campaign includes tracking brand mentions, monitoring conversations, tracking customer reviews, looking for new social media growth hacks, and making sure you are responding to customer inquiries.

This is only the tip of the iceberg!

Why hire a managed social media marketing expert?

The easiest pictures to share are those of construction jobs that are in progress. These can be turned into a series of shots, each showing different stages of completion. From start to finish and before and after photos can be great for displaying the kind of work you do and the results that customers can expect. Use complications or problems to highlight how your experienced team is qualified to overcome issues and share images of the fix and the final result.

  • You are a small business in a competitive market
  • Your business does not have a dedicated marketing team
  • You do not need a full-time social media marketing manager
  • Your marketing team needs to focus on other activities
  • Your business has a small marketing budget
  • You have no knowledge of social media marketing
  • Your current social media marketing campaign is not working
  • You do not have time to manage a social media campaign
If any of the above points apply to your business, then this guide applies to you. We have created 4 advantages to using managed social media outsourcing solutions to help you understand why the above issues have led to numerous businesses making the decision to outsource their social media campaigns.

Analytics and Software

Social media marketing experts use analytical data and software to gain insights and use those insights to improve your campaign.

Software, as well as analytics tools, track social media traffic and trends on the social media platforms your business uses. They also track likes, follows, post comments, reviews, comments that include your brand name, and track traffic as well as sales on your website that came as a direct result of your business’s social media presence.

In short, by using an outsourced social media company you do not need to invest in expensive software, training, or invest time into managing and adjusting your social media marketing according to the latest trends.

Analytics and software help social media marketers identify:

  • Posts that were popular (likes/follows/comments)
  • Posts that created website traffic
  • Posts that led to sales
  • Growth hacks
  • Save you the cost of expensive software

Graphic Design

Using graphics found on the web or copying other people’s images can damage your brand’s reputations as well as unintentionally send out the wrong message. Also, poor graphics appearing on your social media page can undermine your brand image.

All reputable social media companies will have a graphic designer on board. You will save the time and cost involved with having to hire and then communicate your ideas with a graphic designer. Instead, all imagery is handled by your social media marketing company.

Every image posted will be a high-quality graphic that reflects the first-class products/services your company offers and the messages your images send will be kept in line with your firm’s branding.

A graphic designer will help your social media campaign by:

  • Creating images using your brand’s colours
  • Giving your brand a voice using imagery
  • Enhancing image and photo quality
  • Editing images in line with your brand image
  • Designing content-rich infographics

Paid Advertising

With the combined use of software and analytics tools mentioned in part 1, social media marketing experts are able to track how successful promoted posts and campaigns for likes, follows, comments, and website clicks are. They will also make sure your target audience is not too narrow or wide.

Trying to manage a paid advertising campaign without a deep understanding of how each social media platform works versus a competitor that is using a professional social media marketer is more than likely reducing your return on investment (ROI). If you are not a marketing expert, the chances are your paid social media ad campaigns are leaking money.

On the other hand, by using a managed social media marketing company your business will firstly plug those leaks helping to cut down on advertising costs. Secondly, your social media marketing firm will gradually begin to increase your ROI over time.

Your social media marketing company will help your paid ads campaigns by:

  • Setting up a clear strategy
  • Defining goals and targeting the right audiences
  • Tailoring ads to each social media platform
  • Applying creative diversity
  • Setting up A/B testing

Competitor Analysis

Although most people can keep track of how their competitors conduct themselves on the social media platforms they operate, it takes a lot of time and effort to continuously keep track of their activities.

A managed social media marketing company will be able to quickly identify competitor promotions, sales, and new product releases or when your competitor is launching a new service. For example, when a local competitor has a 10% sale, your social media team can inform you and start to set up a 15% sale promotion and quickly release this on social media.

Adding to this, your social media marketing management team can track which posts, pictures, and other social media marketing activities harness the most likes, comments, and followers. They can also keep track of your competitor’s customer reviews and brand name comments looking for what people like and dislike about the brand.

These types of insights are priceless because they give you an idea of what type of posts work in your industry, as well as what people in your industry like and dislike about your competitor’s service so you can align your products/services and social media marketing accordingly!

Your managed social media marketing can:

  • Track which competitor post harness the most likes, follows, and comments
  • Identify competitor promotions and new product/service releases
  • Create a reactive marketing campaign to counter competitor campaigns
  • Keep track of what people are saying about your competitors
  • Differentiate your marketing strategy from your competitors
In this guide, we have covered 4 key advantages to hiring a managed social media marketing company. We began with software and analytics that social media marketers use to gain performance insights in order to improve your social media campaign. We then looked into how important the provision of graphic designers are and how professional social media campaign management benefits from high-quality graphics.

Furthermore, we covered how paid social media advertising campaigns should be carried out by professional social media marketers in order to gain the best return on investment. We then finished up with how important competitor analysis is and how insights gained from competitor social media activities can help your business gain a competitive advantage.

In each point covered, it is fair to say that the level of expertise a managed social media marketing company offers outweighs the time and costs involved with trying to part manage your business operations and its social media campaign at the same time. In today’s competitive business environments running a business alone is challenging enough, and as such an increasing number of companies are moving to outsourced social media marketing solutions.

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