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12 TikTok marketing tricks for businesses (and other things to consider)

Unless you haven’t been online for the past year, you will have heard all about TikTok, the video marketing platform that is giving YouTube a run for its money, and outpacing Instagram and Facebook reels in terms of popularity and engagement.

If you are new to the world of video marketing it all might seem a bit overwhelming, getting to grips with making content to keep your TikTok feed updated can seem like a neverending task if you are not used to creating video posts. However, the important thing to remember is that TikTok is still a social media channel, even though it uses a new format, and video marketing uses many of the same principles found in traditional social media marketing.

Here are some of the ways you can get the most out of video marketing for your business.

1. Keep up with trends

Almost every week it seems there is a new TikTok trend for video posts. These trends can be anything from using a specific sound clip to learning a whole new dance. Many of these trends have the power to earn you more viewers and get more eyes on your content. If the trend is something as simple as using a recommended piece of music or a particular sound bite then this can be an easy win for your business, showing you as a company or an organization that likes to keep up with the latest developments and stay, quite literally, on-trend.

2. Showcase your brand

Video posts that share the latest news about your business or display your latest product can be an excellent way to show off your brand. But there is another way to make full use of business branding tools on TikTok. Using graphics software like Canva, you can add your company logo onto each one of your video posts. Doing this consistently is a great way to build brand awareness and recognition. You can also use some of the sticker tools available on TikTok to add an ‘@’ or a ‘#’ tag in the corner of your posts displaying your brand name.

3. Use trending hashtags

Along with using your own hashtag on your posts, you can always keep an eye on the hashtags which are currently trending. Adding trending hashtags to your videos is a good way to attract more views, especially if you are just starting out. Hashtags which are trending are more likely to be searched by users, bringing them to your page. If the hashtag aligns well with your business then even better. The more relevant the hashtag, the more likely you will be to acquire new followers.

4. Use a fun dialogue

Making a dialogue exchange with you speaking, or rather, lipsyncing both sides of the conversation can be an entertaining way to make new TikTok posts. Users make content with sound clips from movies or pre-recorded conversations to bring their TikTok content to life. Combining these with readable subtitles can make posts that are engaging enough to stop someone scrolling by, and for new TikTokers, it can be a great way to gain familiarity with the platform.

5. Time your text

When you are speaking to your audience, graphics and icons can add a ton of interest, but so can timed text. Making key or important words flash on the screen as they are spoken makes a big impact. It can help your video to flow better and be visually appealing as well as get your point across in a definite and eye-catching way. Adding text that appears on time can take a bit of experimentation, but once you get it right, it can bring fantastic benefits.

6. Add filters and retouch content

TikTok has a huge amount of built-in tools and features that can be used to enhance your video posts. Many filters can convert your environment from a dull and lifeless look to a visually enhanced or bright post. By the same token, retouch tools can make you look better. Smooth out wrinkles, add depth, and even make your teeth look whiter. The intensity of each filter can be altered to give you anything from a subtle to a dramatic look.

7. Pick your background

Not only can you alter your facial appearance on your video posts, but TikTok provides an almost unlimited number of backgrounds that can be used. Some are preselected images and others can be used in conjunction with your own content. Green screen background allows you to upload and use images of your own, and there are a number of backgrounds that are split screen or feature picture in picture content. This can be helpful if you wish to talk your audience through a series of steps or highlight something within your post.

8. Change your voice

Changes that can be made to your TikTok posts are not just limited to the visual aspects and appearance of your content. The sound can be changed too. Preselected voices are available which can be used to change the sound, pitch, and tone of your voice. Your speech can be made to sound deep or high, or even into a robotic or sing-song style of talking. There may be times when this isn’t appropriate for your business content, or there may be occasions where it works perfectly, but a bit of trial and error will reveal which your audience prefers.

9. Form collaborations

Just in the way that partnering with Instagram influencers can broaden your customer base, partnering with a brand on TikTok can have the same effect. Especially if that brand shares some obvious commonalities or enhances your own brand in some way. Many TikTok account holders have propelled their accounts to new heights by aligning themselves or their content will big-name brands. Taking advantage of the cross-promoting qualities of joint TikTok posts and brand alignments can have a positive impact on both user audiences.

10. Make transitions

Creating posts that look high quality and incorporate some cool visual effects all help to keep viewers on your page longer, and can help to gain you likes and new followers. Short video clips can be joined together seamlessly with fluid and professional transitions to create continuous posts. Flick between scenery and new locations or slide one image off the screen and another one on. Transitions can be used to edit your videos and highlight specific clips, or to change between new outfits or locations.

11. Interact with your audience

Because a lot of energy goes into making video content, it can be easy to forget that TikTok is still a social media platform, and like all other channels, people are able to comment on your posts. Make sure to monitor your comments and respond to your followers where appropriate, this can be a great way to build engagement and loyalty with users. If you receive a question make sure to answer it, and for commenters seeking more information, take the time to point them in the right direction.

12. Post frequently

TikTok isn’t as limiting as some other social media accounts, and users of the channel can post just about as many videos as they like. While this is great for personal use it has left some businesses wondering what the optimal daily post count is for TikTok. Some expert users recommended posting between one and three times a day, but that can seem excessive for business owners that need to focus on running their companies. A good rule of thumb is to post as often as you can but be consistent. In other words, if you can only manage a post once every other day then stick to that. Don’t post three videos one day and none for the next two, that will not do you any favours.

Other things to consider

While these are all great marketing tips for business users of TikTok, there are a number of other things to consider before using the platform.

Do you have time to make and post content?

One of the biggest factors of making good video content is the time it takes. Traditional social media often involved no more than snapping a photo and uploading it to your channels, but platforms like TikTok require a bit more care and attention.

Content will need to be of reasonable quality if you hope to have anyone watch it, and many video posts require recording over and over again to correct visual issues or speech errors. This can all be a time-consuming exercise and many would-be TikTokers don’t get their accounts off the ground due to lack of time or because they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

The kind of time you can dedicate to shooting, editing, and creating videos will need to be considered carefully. If TikTok is the way that you plan to reach your audience then you will need to allocate enough time to do the work required.

Should you outsource?

If your business takes up the majority of your day and you find yourself wondering how you can find enough time to manage to create video content, then you might want to consider outsourcing. Companies large and small use the services of a social media marketing agency to help them design, post, and manage their business content.

A social media or video marketing agency has a team of graphic designers and social media managers at their disposal who can help you to create professional-looking on-brand posts for your business accounts. Some business mix things up and have an agency manage accounts like TikTok along with other social media channels like Instagram or Linkedin.

The timesaving aspect of using an agency can help business owners to remain focussed on daily operations and the running of their company while their social media presence is managed for them behind the scenes. As well as freeing up time, the quality of posts can often be of a high standard as social media account manager work all day with businesses to create content on their behalf.

How to find a good video marketing agency.

Outsourcing work to an external video marketing agency will mean finding one who is capable of providing the kind of quality video content needed for your business. There are many agencies and independent freelancers, or consultants available, but that does not always mean that their work is high-performing.

It can be wise to request work samples from any potential social media marketers before you commit to working with them. If the agency is an established business then they should have no problem providing samples for blog posts, social media posts, and video content to give you a chance to review their work and check it for quality.

Once you are satisfied with the work standard, take a moment to check for online reviews to read customer feedback about their experiences. Too many poor reviews can be a red flag and while work quality is important there are other things which should also be checked.

These can include:

  • Communications channels
  • Helpdesk availability
  • Customer service
  • Turnaround time
  • Contract length
  • Minimum orders
  • Extra fees
  • Hidden charges

Beware of being tied into a contract with hidden clauses, or that you can’t get out of. If the agency doesn’t complete the work to your satisfaction you will need to be able to part ways without a penalty, or paying additional costs. You should also check the terms of any agreement to verify exactly what it includes and what it doesn’t.

For example, if you want a marketing agency to manage your social post and captions, you don’t want to find out later that the marketing agency you have chosen only supplies graphical content, so check carefully.

Ask for a recommendation

One of the best ways of finding a good agency to help you is by asking for recommendations. If you work closely with other businesses during your professional life then it can be a good idea to ask them who they use to manage their social channels. This can give you some assurance that you are being given the name of a quality agency as people are unlikely to recommend poor performers.

Word of mouth is one of the best and most powerful recommendations you can receive, it generally means that whoever is suggesting the company is happy with their work, again giving you the security of working with a reputable social media marketing provider.

What’s your budget?

Working with a marketing company will cost a fee, however, costs can vary dramatically from agency to agency, and working with a small budget doesn’t mean that you have to work with a substandard provider. Many marketing agencies providing content and social posts in bulk are able to do so quite reasonably.

It will be important to decide how much you can afford, much of the success of social media depends on consistency so stopping and starting campaigns will not be helpful when it comes to building and growing an audience. Whatever your budget is, find an agency that can work within those parameters and who is able to flex up with you as your business grows in size.

Be realistic about what you can allocate to your monthly marketing budget without overstretching finances. Provided you have found an agency that can grow with you, you may be able to start small and increase the number and frequency of your video posts later. A nice benefit for small or micro businesses.

Final words

Video content is a powerful but relatively new tool. This means that more and more people will adopt video content in the coming months and years, making it an exciting opportunity for companies who are ready to adopt the format. Platforms like TikTok are not yet as saturated as other platforms, giving business owners and creators a chance to build their audience before numbers rise too high.

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