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11 ways Beauty Services can use social media to their advantage

Go to search for any city and type in ‘beauty services’ literally dozens of pages will be returned for salons, spas, hairdressers, and beauty therapists. For companies who wish to attract clients, being stuck on page 6 of Google search can mean no traffic. No traffic means no client acquisition. So what’s the answer?

You can invest in specialised SEO services to check and correct technical factors on your page. Or you can leverage the power of social media to build your own local or niche audience. Being able to network with the right audience can do a lot to increase bookings.

Here are some of the best tips to get clients coming through the door.

1. Share your best work

Beauty services can be a very visual industry. Improving looks, styling hair, and making things like makeup or nails look better are all great things to post to your social accounts. High-quality images are essential to show your work in the best way and to highlight tiny details that are significant to your audience. Close-ups, macro shots, and really good lighting can make all the difference between making your salon or spa look like a professional organization, and looking like you just snapped a photo on your cell phone. How you present is important so try and make your photos look as appealing and as attractive as possible.

2. Target local users

Making and sharing social media posts will not be helpful if you are not targeting your audience. You need to find out where your potential clients hang out. Instagram is a popular choice due to its communication and image-sharing features. Also, hashtags and location tags can be used to display your posts to users in your area. This is useful if you operate a brick-and-mortar location and need to get people through the door. Sharing posts that are viewed by people in California will be no use if you are based in New York, so use hashtags to your advantage to target towns and areas close to you.

3. Demonstrate your expertise

Beauty therapists are ten a penny, and the market is awash with masseuses, stylists, and consultants all providing look-enhancing or therapeutic services. To be relevant and attract an audience you will need to set yourself apart from the hundreds of other beauty services that are posting their content on social media. To achieve this, consider any areas where you excel, or provide services that no one else does. If you have taken advanced training in specific treatments or methods then don’t be afraid to position yourself as an expert. It all speaks to your capabilities and professionalism.

4. Generate interests with success

Share posts that demonstrate your success. Won an industry award? Share it. Had someone famous come in for treatment? Share it (with their permission). Opened a new location? Share it. Generate interest in your account and create excitement by sharing any wins large or small. Keep your social channel active with positive news and attract more users as you stack up your successes. People are attracted to popular or successful people so keep the posts light and upbeat as you share your wins.

5. Connect with followers

One of the best things you can do to differentiate your beauty services from all the other players is to be accessible and amenable. Show your audience that you are available and willing to converse. Respond to comments and answer questions in a welcoming and friendly tone. This can encourage other users and followers to join in and ask their own questions. It’s a great way to build your audience, but it goes beyond that and can help you to build actual relationships with potential clients.

6. Post live updates

Bring your audience into the heart of the action by posting live video updates. Video is the fastest-growing medium online and users are consuming it in large amounts. It is a versatile way to bring the latest news to your followers or to show off the latest style or technique. As the world of beauty services is changing and evolving all the time, this can help you to keep your audience on the cutting edge of the latest industry trends and updates. This gives people a great reason to follow your account and engage.

7. Outsource your social

Coming up with original content and unique post while you are running a busy store or salon can be tricky. You need to keep your audience entertained, but coming up with new ideas can often be exhausting not to mention, time-consuming. Depending on how large your business is, you may not be able to afford a dedicated in-house social media manager, so an elegant solution is to outsource to a professional social media management company. Use an external company to generate content and post on your behalf. You can share photos and images with a social media management service and let them create social content for you. Your time may be better spent and more profitable when providing services to your clients, so using an outside agency can prove to be cost-effective.

8. Help your audience interact

Drive better engagement and attract new followers with attention-grabbing posts. Images and custom graphics can achieve this goal, but interactive content works even better. Things like opinion polls, quizzes, and giveaways can all grab your audience’s interest and attract new users. This tactic works especially well for businesses in the beauty services industry, with coupons and deals being a tempting prize for your audience. Making discount offers, or giving away a free consultation can be a great way to earn more likes and shares.

9. Host an information session

People of all ages are interested in keeping up with the latest beauty services and trends. Learning about new treatments or techniques can be something that your audience responds to. So share knowledge by hosting an online information session. Not only will this be an amazing place to share your expertise, but it also allows you to talk and interact with your audience one-to-one. This can be valuable for creating relationships and converting followers into paying clients, so use information sessions to your advantage and gain bookings.

10. Have a strong brand identity

We mentioned already that there are a lot of businesses which offer beauty services, therefore it is really important that your brand identity is strong and recognisable in the marketplace. All of your posts and content should share some common traits of color or consistent themes. Use your logo or @tag in all of your images and captions and consider making your own hashtag. This should be something that no one else uses that is specific to your business like #elegantbeautyxyz. It is a way for your audience to quickly identify and track your posts which can help with engagement.

11. Feature your staff

If you operate a beauty services company that has staff then routinely feature them and the services they offer on your social media channels. This can help your audiences to make associations with your staff and generates a level of familiarity and security. When someone books a service with you they feel comfortable knowing it will be Stephan that’s doing their hair or Danielle that will be performing their facial treatment. So give your staff their own spotlight to share their skills and personalities with your future clients.

Final words

Getting your beauty services company recognised online is tough but not impossible. Consistency is key, and the tips listed in the article will help. If you do decide to outsource your social media management to an outside provider then do your research to find a reputable company that understands your business needs.

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