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10 ways commercial real estate companies can use white label social media services

Buying and selling commerical real estate is big business, Every year millions of dollars change hands during commerical real estate transactions as office, warehouses, and business premises are bought and sold. With an emphasis on marketing, commercial real estate companies needed to constantly advertize their service, or promote the properties that are available for purchase.

Larger corporations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to display their ads, post content on social media or generate engaging or newsworthy articles. With the sheer investment in promotion, this can leave smaller real estate companies wondering how they can possibly gain the visibility needed to be successful.

Using social media channels can be a great way to promote commercial real estate services, and here are some of the things you can do to generate sales and earn new clients.

1. Showcase available properties

Creating social media posts that show the latest and greatest listings that your commercial property company is managing can do a lot for engagement. Lots of good quality and high definition photos can not only attract attention, but can also display some of the selling points and demonstrate the kind of properties that you sell or manage. It can provide an inside look at properties and highlight the positive features to your potential clients. Platforms like Instagram now have the capability of displaying carousel posts, which means you can take advantage of displaying a series or a sequence of photos to drive maximum engagement.

2. Locate clients

Keeping an active social accounts is a great way to connect with your audience and find new clients. Ensure your channels remain fresh, updated, and engaging to give you the best possible chance of attracting new business. It will be important to consider where your clientele are and what channels they are using, but engaging potential customers is entirely possible on social channels. So some research to uncover the channels that your clients predominantly and create interesting and engaging posts to reach them.

3. Demonstrate expertise

Realtors sometimes get a bad rap but the truth is that properties are bought and sold everyday, so professional and competent real estate services are needed. You can attract clients by using your social media channels to demonstrate your expertise, and show what sets you apart from other companies. Generate posts that are useful or helpful. Things like ‘5 Things to ask when hiring a new realtor’ or ‘Where is the best location for offices?’ can attract an audience and be effective in growing social accounts. Buyer or sellers who wish to move or invest in commercial real estate will find value in these kinds of posts, so use them to show off your commercial real estate knowledge.

4. Share success

Landed a big client? Made a profitable sale? These wins can all be used to create positive content that is engaging for your audience. People are attracted to success so use these kinds of posts freely to share your good business achievements. It is not just limited to property sales either, anything can be a win. Industry awards, new clients, or Tommy from accounting getting a new qualification are all great examples that can be used for positive posts. Sharing content that shows good business performance can be a powerful way to show off your companies professionalism.

5. Make contact

Commercial real estate is big business, but that doesn’t mean that your don’t need to make connections. Generating posts that show your personable side, or that are infused with a bit of humor are winning strategies when it comes to attracting followers. It also make your more approachable and can mean that clients are more likely to reach out to you for help and advice. Most social platforms have direct messaging, private messaging and even video chat which can all be used to connect with future clients.

6. Use live video

Live video is a great way to bring your audience right into the action. In the case of a business like commercial real estate it can be a helpful tool to conduct live tours of buildings and highlight property features.Keep your audience updated with all the latest news, listings and events from your company and bring them the most up to date property news. Video tools can also be used to share behind the scenes footage of your business. Sharing regular updates can encourage followers to keep in touch. Share information as it happens, create live news bulletins, or post a series videos to drive follower engagement.

7. Run promotions

Commerical real estate isn’t know for offering a ton of deals. But there are still things that you can do to reach your existing clients or attract new ones. A reduced fee, lesser commission percentages or other incentive can all be attractive to followers. Giveaways of event tickets, branded gear, or promotional items is a great idea. Not only does it increase awareness, shares, and follows on you social account, but if your giveaway is something like branded clothing, it can help to get the business name out there.

8. Promote interactive content

Even if your real estate are among high dollar earners, people still like to offer their opinions and knowledge. Grab attention with posts like polls or quizzes. While this can seem like a lot of fun, content like this can also provide you with valuable information about your audiences wants, needs, and preferences. Polls that ask industry relevant questions or solicit opinions from your followers can give you some interesting insights into trends and customer behavior. This type of content can be used for anything from asking what size office someone would prefer to the qualities they seek in a realtor.

9. Host a Q&A

Along the same lines, interactive Q&As or informative video sessions can be hosted. With the amount of video tools and live streaming options available this is a great way to connect with your audience. In an industry like commercial real estate where purchases are relatively high value, it can be an excellent information sharing tool. Pick a topic that is relevant within the commercial real estate industry and and give your followers the opportunity to learn and ask questions. This can be a great way for you to share knowledge and demonstrate why your company is the one that they should do business with.

10. Raise brand awareness

Post frequently and at consistent times or days so that people become familiar with your posts and understand the information being shared.There are a high number of commerical real estate businesses out there, so it is important to generate recognition with brand awareness. Bringing your company in front of customers and potential clients so they know who you are and what your business does. Use social media posts that are consistent in their branding no matter which social platforms are being used. social media posts share some commonalities, often this is as simple as using your accounting Include company logos and brand colors in your posts, and ensure that content is clear and professional, aligning with things like the mission statement or goals of the company within the broader marketplace.

Final words

While using social media channels is a fantastic way to promote outreach efforts, the fact is, generating content takes time. This is where a white label service can be the ace-in-the-hole for many busy organizations, managing content streams and generating on brand graphics and captions on the companies behalf. Expert designers can manage all of your social account content needs leaving you free to handle viewings, meet clients, and close deals. In a behind the scenes process your social channels can be filled with engaging and attractive content that resonates with clients for a relatively economical cost.

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