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10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Accountants

Let’s face it, accounting companies are not exactly known for their wild and colorful personalities, however social media may be about to change all that. Attracting an audience, gaining followers and earning potential customers can be helped by having interesting and engaging social media channels. So if you are involved in a business that has a reputation of being a bit….well, boring…it may be time to change everyones perception.

Here are some useful social media posting tips you can try to inject some excitement and entice more customers.

1. Show your work

Obviously you don’t want to post photos of columns of figures, but you can show other things that will help engagement. Take a snap of a team meeting and share it, or share logos of companies that you have signed up recently as a client to demonstrate the kind of businesses that you help. Or take your followers into your offices and show them how they look with a series of photos or a carousel post on Instagram.

2. Find your audience

Posting to your social accounts will do no good if it’s not where your audience hangs out. You may make amazing TikTok videos but if your clientele is primarily on Linkedin it won’t attract more clients. Find out the channels that your audience uses and try to reach them on there with interesting and engaging posts.

3. Sell your expertise

Accountants get a bad rap but they deal with something that is close to everyones heart, – money! Get your audiences attention by posting information that they will find useful. Consider using posts like ‘3 Tips to Reduce Your Tax Bill’ or ‘How to Claim Your Business Expenses’. People in business will find these type of post informative and useful, so use them tp your advantage to show off your expertise.

4. Share your wins

Generate interest by sharing any business wins. This can be actual awards won, new clients gained, or company successes. Showing consistently good performance can be a powerful way to show that your company is good at what it does. If you can get your clients to share posts that sing your praises, or show that you got them big financial savings, then even better.

5. Get friendly

There is an abiding perception of accountants that they are a bit stuffy and humourless, change your perception and drive follower numbers up by exploding that myth. Use social channels to connect, chat, engage, and answer questions from your audience. This is your chance to show your friendly and personable side, and talk to your followers. People do business with people that they like so this can be gamechanging for your business.

6. Post live updates

From the office refurb to Derek’s dog keep your audience updated with all the latest news, gossip, and events out of your company. Sharing personal events and helping your followers relate to your staff will help to create a real sense of connection. You can share information as it happens via live feeds, or post a continuous series of posts to keep your followers clicking back for more to find the latest and greatest. Oh, and Derek’s dog is fine, by the way!

7. Consider outsourcing

It can be tricky to come up with unique and original posts that keep your audience entertained, so coming up with new ideas can often be easier when left to the experts. If you don’t have an in-house social media manager, then consider using an external company to generate content and post on your behalf. This can save you time, and the brain strain of having to come up with a continuous flow of ideas.

8. Make it interactive

Attention grabbing posts typically gain better engagement rates so use social media tools to create interesting content. Create a poll, run a quiz, or host a giveaway to gain more followers from likes and shares. While it might seem that an accounting business might not have much to give away there are still things you can use. Offer a free consultation or a coupon for 20% off the first months fee. Ask for likes and shares and expand your reach into new audiences.

9. Host a Q&A

With the amount of video tools and live streaming options available offer to hold a Q & A session. Pick a topic like starting a small businesses, or tax exemptions for VAT registered companies and give your followers the opportunity to ask an learn. People are always interested in money and especially reducing taxes so this can be a way to help companies and gain new leads for your business.

10. Stay on brand

There is a LOT of accounting businesses out there, and we mean a LOT so it is important to create recognition for your brand. You can do this by making sure that your social media posts share some commonalities, often this is as simple as using your accounting company logo colors in your posts, and when making any statements, make sure they align with your companies ethos and mission statement. Post regularly and at scheduled times so that people become accustomed to seeing your posts and associate your business with the information being shared.

Final Words

Keeping things really exciting and interesting can be a profitable social media strategy for accounting companies, but also, it is an excellent way to define the business and set it apart from competitors. Posts can be used to convey things like financial expertise, authority, and integrity and give followers a real sense of who you are and what you do. Presenting a competent and professional persona can help to inspire trust and loyalty among clients both new and potential, and connections can be made across social media channels that lead to real business opportunities.

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